The Friend Zone: How To Break Through

Break Through the Friend ZoneEver find yourself going out on a date with a girl you’re really into just to get the “you’re such a great friend” That’s call a friend zone, That just sucks and the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a position be the shoulder to cry on or the ear to listen when she’s so in love with her new guy. Contrary to popular belief nice guys don’t always finish last and here is how you can stop being the best guy friend and start becoming the boyfriend. So read on for tips on how to break through the friend zone.

How to break through the friend zone

1. Be direct

don’t let your intentions go unnoticed: flirt, try to see if there is a sexual connection and if the timing is right make your move.

2. Don’t be afraid of rejection

Hey you got the date already right? Well make the most of it don’t be afraid to ask questions like what kind of guys do you usually date, or do you usually date guys like me?

3. Initiate contact

This doesn’t have to be sleezy and please don’t go grabbing right away. On your way out of the restaurant you can guide her out of the door while gently placing you hand on the swell of her back or brush her knee when you stand up if seated next to her. Make sure you pick up on hints like is she leaning towards you or have her hand in an accessible spot to hold. If a woman wants to be touched or make contact her body language will be pointed towards you not crossed and away.

4. Don’t be too emotional

Sharing too much about your past or your feelings opens up communication doors that will in turn invite her to share her feelings and experiences. This is better left for after you get some action or know it’s heading in that direction.

5. Know when to say no

If despite your best efforts you have officially found yourself in the “friend zone” don’t be afraid to say no. You can still be cordial but don’t set yourself up to go on endless dinners and have sex free outings unless that’s what you really want. Once she passes she’s not coming back so holding out for the future just isn’t going to happen.

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