How to Get Your Girlfriend to Watch Sports

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Watch SportsHow to get your girlfriend to watch sports, One of the most common points of conflict for many couples is when the man wants to watch sports and the woman is not into sports. It seems odd that many men who are sports fans attract women that are not. There are many women who are die-hard sports fans and some who even play sports themselves.

For some couples the differences in interest is not a problem because the woman just lets her guy watch sports while she does other things. Yet, there are some men who really want their girlfriends to share their interest in sports.

Here are a few things you can do to get your girlfriend to watch sports.

Find a sport that she's interested in

Some men thing that their girlfriends just do not like to watch sports in general. While this may be true for some women, the fact is that your girlfriend just may not have been introduced to a sport that she actually likes. Sports have always been overwhelmingly considered a ‘guy thing’ and when some women watch sports they just cannot identify with these masculine activities.

Try helping your girlfriend feel more comfortable and welcome when watching sports by either finding a type of sport that she is actually interested in and watch that with her or introduce her to the women’s professional teams that play the kind of sport you like to watch.

Include her during the game

Speaking of comfort and welcome, do not forget the fact that women love attention and they loved to be pampered. If you want her to watch your favorite team play, try making it a romantic occasion. Get the foods that she likes, dim the lights, snuggle up with her on the couch, and give her a back massage during half-time. While nothing else may convince her to sit for hours watching sports with you, the appeal of being treated like queen for a day just might help peak her interest.

Take her to a live game

Many men have girlfriends who are extremely busy at home and at work. She might be a single mom who feels that she does not have time to sit and watch sports; she could be a student or a professional and not watch sports for the same reason. To get her to watch sports with you make the sports event a time for her to take some layers stress off. Get tickets to a live game and take her to it. Hire a babysitter, if needed. Appeal to her to take an off day or choose an event at a time when you know for a fact that she is available. If the event is out of town, that is even better. Make the event more than a sports event to her.

Keep her likes and dislikes in mind

In the end, the method that works in convincing your girlfriend to watch sports with you all depends on her individual likes, dislikes, and personality. You just need to learn to use these factors to your advantage. Try one or all of these methods until something proves successful. You just might be creating a brand new sports fan.

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