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How to Get Your Lady in the Mood

How to Get Your Lady in the MoodIt’s a fact that men think about sex far more than women do, so sometimes you got to get your lady in the mood to have a little fun in the bedroom. With women you need to wine and dine then to get them in the mood and sometimes it takes a little more effort than just dragging her to the bedroom like a caveman. So pay attention to these tips below and start making arrangements to have a little fun tonight with your partner.

Say Sweet Nothings in Her Ear

You can get your lady in the mood by slipping sexualized comments into the conversation to get her thinking about it before you straight out approach her for a little slap and tickle. We mean comments that spark her arousal such as talking about what you would like to do to her or what your plans for the night are, telling her you missed touching her or how beautiful she looks, make her feel wanted and you’ll have won half the battle.

Get Romantic

A woman likes to be wined and dined and by setting the scene you can get her in the mood quicker. Show you romantic side by setting mood lighting such as candles and put on a little mood music like Barry White or Marvin Gaye. Make the night special and she will be in the mood before you know it.

Slow it Down

Women like loving kisses and gentle caresses; they don’t want to feel like this is just another night of quick sex before you head off to bed. Unlike men, women take a little time to get sexually aroused and ready for the main event, so treat her right and get her body and mind in the mood before you take it to the next level.

Pamper Her

This doesn’t mean buy her expensive things, but it means doing things like giving her a relaxing massage, taking her on a moonlit picnic in the park, feeding her sensual foods like chocolate dipped strawberries or a oysters. If she feels pampered and cared for she will be more likely to feel in the mood for playtime later.

Look the Part

You’ve probably approached her or other women in the past in a sloppy shirt with your hair a mess and got rejected, right? That’s because you didn’t look the part. Just like setting the scene, you need to look like a man on a mission of seduction. Before you approach her take the time to look sharp with your hair artfully arranged, wear nice put together clothes and smell good… This will help set the stage and get in her in the mood in no time at all.

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