Gold Digger: How to Know if a Woman is One

How to Know if a Woman is a Gold DiggerMen are very easy to figure out we like our meat, our sports and a sexy woman, that’s really about it. Since women are such complex creatures it’s no wonder that they can completely manipulate the male psyche. So how do you know if this new lady in your life is a gold digger looking for a payday?

1. She says she is an independent woman

Reverse psychology is the oldest trick in the book. If a woman goes out of her way to let you know that she does everything on her own chances are she’s baiting you with a damsel in distress story.

2. She complains about her expenses

If a woman complains about her bills or her personal finances it’s a huge sign that she just might be a gold digger. If it’s only been a few months and she is asking for a loan for her rent or bills be very wary. Especially if she is irresponsible with her own money like making luxury purchases.

3. She has a lot of expensive gifts from ex-boyfriends

If she has a closet full of Gucci bags and expensive jewelry but no real job to pay for those expenses chances are she got them from her last sugar daddy.

4. She asks you about your background

Even seemingly innocent questions like "What do you do?" and "Where do you live?" can be loaded questions, asked in an attempt to figure out your net worth and lifestyle. Be very careful when answering these questions when you are getting to know a woman that you suspect may be a gold digger.

5. She has very high self-confidence

Most gold diggers think very highly of themselves and have a sense of entitlement when it comes to men offering them money. Generally they are very attractive and charismatic. They also feel as though they deserve the best in life and generally are not afraid to ask for it.

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