How to Read a Woman's Body Language

How to Read a Woman Body LanguageBody language can tell a lot about what a woman wants from how she's positioned to what she touches when she is speaking to you. Understanding body language isn’t that hard and once you’ve got it you can start having a real advantage in the dating world as you will be able to better find out what a woman wants and if she is really interested in you.

• Lips

A woman’s lips can say a lot without actually speaking and if you pay attention you can get some valuable information about her from just watching her for a little while. If she is giving you a big smile she’s showing that she is happy and very engaged in the conversation. If she is biting her lips she’s a more aggressive woman who is showing either conscious or unconscious sexual desire in you. If she spends a lot of time during the conversation biting her nails or touching her mouth she is subtly flirting with you and is trying to tell you to go for it.

• Hair

The old adage of “if a woman is playing with her hair she’s flirting” is true. If she’s flipping it around, twisting a few strands or biting it, that is a clear sign of flirtation and that is both available and interested in you.

• Eyes

One clear sign of interest in dilated pupils, a sign that she is sexually aroused and therefore interested. If she keeps eye contact with you throughout it shows that she is both interested and truly engaged in both the conversation and you. An outright flirty body language is fluttering her eyes or going for that innocent look by gazing at you through her eyelashes, if she does either one go for it because she’s definitely interested!

• Legs

When talking, whether in a crowd or alone, how is her body positioned? Are her legs facing towards you or out towards the crowd or away from you? If they are facing you she is showing an indication of being invested in your conversation and in the interest she has in you, however if her legs are facing away from you especially in a crowd it may be an indication that she in uninterested.

• Hands and Arms

Throughout a conversation pay attention to how she places her hands and what she does with them. If she has her palms out wards you she is showing openness and interest while palms away from you shows that she is guarded and reserved in both you and the conversation. If she plays with her jewelry, hair, clothing, etc it can often be a sign of interest and an unconscious flirting while talking with you.

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