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What To Say When Flirting With a Woman

Flirting 101Knowing the meaning of flirting and how to act around a woman you are attracted to can be awkward and difficult for some men. Flirting is a great way to break the ice and gauge if the feeling is reciprocal. Everyone has a different flirting style and by all means make sure you are genuine and your flirting technique matches your personality. You don’t want to come across as mechanical or trying too hard. So while you are out on the hunt keep these essential tips in mind.

What exactly Is the meaning of flirting with a woman


Something as simple as a smile can make you look more attractive and approachable. People who are smiling are perceived as more confident and in control so when you spot that hottie feel free to throw her a smile.

Have a positive outlook

If you get the opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone you are attracted to be positive. The worst thing you can do is start complaining or start your conversation with a negative. The key to flirting is to keep the conversation light and interesting.

Eye Contact

Don’t be afraid to make eye contact. If you want to be a good flirt you must learn the art of making eye contact. You want to lock eyes but not to the point where it becomes weird. Make sure the other person is engaging in the eye contact before you make a move in.

Body Language

A woman’s body language can tell you a lot about her interest level. For example if she is open hands to her side facing you then more than likely she is interested in continuing the conversation. If her arms or crossed or she keeps looking around you as you talk chances are she is in avoidance and is trying to get away.

Balanced Approach: what to say when flirting

The most important key to being a good flirt is to keep a healthy balance. You don’t want to over smile, make too much eye contact or be too aggressive. Be subtle and pick up on her signals back to you if she is interested. If you can’t tell how she feeling pull back a little and talk to other people if she’s into you she will make sure to circle back your way.

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