Ways to Save Your Marriage and Build a Relationship

Four Things You Can Do to Save Your MarriageBeing married can be a truly beautiful and happy thing, allowing people in love to spend a life together and continually show each other that they are worthy of each others’ love. However, marriage takes work and it isn’t always easy to keep a relationship strong and healthy through the years. You’ve got to work at it and understand the intricacies of give and take that make a relationship stronger. Below are 3 ways to save your marriage and build a stronger relationship today.

Compliment Them at Least Once a Day

Might seem like a small and inconsequential thing to do, but giving your wife or girlfriend a compliment everyday allows you to express the ways in which you still appreciate and love them. From telling her she looks beautiful in the morning as she wakes up to telling her the dinner she cooked was absolutely delicious, a simple compliment makes her feel appreciated, loved and lets her know that you are paying attention to her and that could save your marriage more than you think.

Let Her Get the last Word

It’s very tempting to constantly snipe back and forth with each other and get the last word while having a fight, but oftentimes this can just make any efforts to resolve a fight take that much longer to work. When you do so all of the tension, anger and hurt feelings just keeps on coming back up and can exacerbate an already heated exchange. Instead try to calmly listen to her, say your peace and then let the matter settle… it really doesn’t matter who got the last word, just as long as both of your feel that you’ve said what you need to say and have worked out the problem that started the fight in the first place.

Reinstate Date night

When you were first starting out as a couple it was probably routine for you two to go out on dates whether it was to go see a movie, have dinner at a nice restaurant or taking a day at the beach together. It’s a normal part of dating and helps you to get to know each other, but as the relationship grows that date night routine starts to lose steam and before you know it you’ve spent every night at home stuck in front of the TV without paying attention to each other. Doing so keeps both of you from growing stronger together by constantly relearning about each other and reconnecting in a romantic way. Take the time to spend at least one night a week just together and enjoying each other’s company.

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