Reconnect with Her To Get Back Together

Four Dates to Help You Reconnect with HerWhen you’ve been with someone for a while it can get easy to drift away as you become comfortable with the person and the way in which they fit into your life. All too often we can get so comfortable that we are just going through the motions rather than making an effort to continuously connect to the person we are romantically involved with. If you’ve found yourself drifting away from the woman in your life here are 4 dates to help you reconnect with her and start making the effort to actually be with her and know her once again.

Re-Create the First Date

That first date was the moment when you first started to get to know her and she began to get to know you. It was the moment that loving her became a possibility and all the possibilities became a promise of more. By re-creating this date you can jumpstart your relationship again, bringing back all the old romance and feelings you started off with. Take her to the restaurant where you had your first date or find a local carnival where you had your first kiss on the Ferris Wheel… bring back all the magic of the first date to reconnect with her once again.

Tickle Her Funny Bone

They say that laughter is the best medicine and when you are trying to reconnect with the woman in your life laughing together can help to do that. If you have a local comedy club nearby take her there and spend a night laughing together as you listen to the various comedians or take her out to see a funny movie at the local theater (or better yet a romantic outdoor event such as “Movies in the Park”, etc.) Laughing together can help bring back that spark and easy way of interacting with each other that allowed you to connect with her and her with you, making it possible to reconnect to who she is now.

Take Her Stargazing

The is nothing more romantic that a night spent under the stars and taking the time to get away from the world and see the universe in all its splendor can help to make the possibility of reconnecting easier. Sometimes removing yourselves from the hectic hustle and bustle of the world can put the focus on the two of you, and spending a quiet night together can allow this to happen. Bring along a comfy blanket, some delicious food and a nice bottle of wine and see how much laying under the stars does for your relationship.

Learn to Dance Together

There is an innate sensuality to dancing as a couple that allows men and women to relearn there partner’s body in a new way. It takes the sex out of the equation while still allowing a sensuality and intimacy that can help you reconnect with them in both mind and body. Whether it is ballroom dancing or salsa, dancing together will help to rekindle the romance and love that brought you together.

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