Can a Happy Marriage the Key to Happiness?

Is Marriage the Key to Happiness?With so much focus on divorce and broken families these days it’s no wonder so many men are reluctant to enter into marriage. Chances are based on the statistics that you or someone in your immediate family has been through a divorce and know the troubles first hand.  The problem is all of the great benefits and advantages of marriage seem to be overshadowed by the negative cloud that hangs over the failures. With divorce rates on the decline and marriage survival rates trending slightly upward from just a decade ago we look into how a happy marriage can enhance your life and how to make them work.

How a Happy Marriage Can be the Key to Your Happiness

Health Benefits of Marriage

Various research studies have been performed to analyze the health benefits of marriage. Throughout many independent studies it has been proven that people in a happy marriage get sick less, recover faster and even live longer. Sociology professor at Wake Forest University Robin Simon found in her studies that married couples performed better on the key health indicators and over all well being. There are also legal (tax and health plan) benefits, social acceptance and the contentment that people find in companionship.

Tips for a successful and happy marriage

So how do you make your be a happy and lasting one? The first key component to a successful marriage is compatibility. Before rushing in  make sure this is a person you can really spend your life with. Always keep the lines of communication open and learn to be a good listener.

Be in it for the long haul

Probably the most important factor in a happy marriage is to understand that it is a journey and as cliché as it might sound there will most certainly be ups and downs. No matter how bad things are if you can master conflict resolution and learn the art of compromise that will help you weather tough times. If you do find your relationship heading in a bad direction seek help and seek help early. Sometimes it’s best to get professional help to get you back on track.

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