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Making Time for Sex with a Busy Schedule

Making Time for Sex with a Busy ScheduleIn today’s modern society it seems that everyone is always busy. There is so much to do that many couples barely even making time for sex. Yet, sex is an important and basic part of any romantic relationship.

Making time for sex no matter how busy you are

Sex is a stress reliever that helps keep the bond strong in a relationship and is overall good for health. There are many challenges with making time for sex when all the other areas of your life are so busy. If you really want to learn how to make time to make love, then this is the article you need to read.

Get your day organized for maximum capacity

One of the problems that keeps people from having the time they need for sex is a lack of productivity. The lack of productivity is something that can cause problems in all areas of anyone’s life and does serious damage to a love life. Think about just how much you are getting done in a day and how much you are actually able to get done. If you have not taken the time to check out your maximum capacity, that is something that you definitely need to do.

Save the night for relaxing and intimacy

It could be that all the time you wanted in a day being slow at work is time that you should be spending in bed getting it on. Boosting productivity not only means that you get things done faster and have more time to have sex, but it also means that you have less stress and maybe even more income; factors that also predict the greatness of your sex life.

Don’t just save it for the night

Still, even if you increase productivity there is a chance that your mate may be just as busy and not have anytime either. After all, lack of productivity is not just a male issue. It is a good idea to share what you learned about how great it is to be productive with the woman in your life, just don’t tell her that you want her to speed up so that you have time to get some. Instead, try scheduling a romantic evening. This could be once a week, or however frequently your schedules do not conflict. She just may find this idea to turn her on and start looking forward to these nights.

Take time for a quickie

No exploration into how to make more time for sex can be truly complete without talking about the quickie. There are many couples whose love lives revolve around quickies and while you might not want a sex life like theirs you sure can benefit by taking advantage of their style. The main problem with the quickie is not that the couple does not have time, but that they do not know how to turn each other on at a moment’s notice. In short, you can benefit from the quickie, but if you are not ready to be the man of her dreams, do not be surprised if she says no.

Don’t make excuses

Making time for sex is not as hard as it may seem. There are many power couples who have time-demanding jobs with a lot of responsibility that still manage to find time for each other. Clearly having a great sex life even when you both are busy is completely doable.

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