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Does Penile Enlargement Products Really Work?

Do Penile Enlargement Products Really WorkWe’ve all had those nights where we find ourselves in front of the television watching infomercials about penile enlargement products. We ask ourselves, do these things really work? Lotions, oils, pills, ‘tools’, and exercises are all sold to us with the idea that if we try their product we will have a larger size than even the most popular porn stars. But are these penile enlargement products all dreams concocted from the imagination of marketing experts, or are these successful products that will work on any man? Some would say if you want to know if something works why not just buy it and sample try it for yourself? But there are 2 problems with that line of reasoning.

Do penile enlargement products really work

You might end up wasting your money if it doesn’t work and 2. Some penile enlargement products are dangerous. Another good indicator on whether or not you will be successful with certain products is to do the research yourself. Thankfully for men there is plenty of obsession over how big a man’s penis should be and the methods that may enhance this certain feature. Below are several of the most popular products along with information about their effectiveness.

The Penile Stretcher: Traction Devices

Traction devices are attached to the base of your penis and stretch down to the end. They put weight on your flaccid penis throughout the day causing the elastic tissue within it to expand and stretch. Studies conducted on these devices showed length improvement anywhere from ½ inch to 1 full inch. That’s pretty good considering the difference in appearance and in satisfaction 1 inch can provide. It is also a relatively painless device to use.

Dangers associated with traction devices: If used improperly or for longer than recommended periods of time traction devices can permanently injure your penis causing tissue damage. The best advice is to wear it for the minimum amount of time and if at any time you experience pain remove the device and see a doctor.

The Lotion

Penis enhancement manufactures play off the insecurities of the male sex. Lotions are some of the most ridiculous products we find on the market today. They are said to improve the size of the penis by applying heat to the blood vessels inside the penis. They also claim to provide vital nutrients to your penile tissue. We honestly have no idea where these claims come from and there is no existing scientific evidence to back up these claims.

Biggest danger associated with lotion: Some contain herbs that can interact with medicine that you may already be taking. Check with a doctor before use. The bottom line is this, there is no proven method of extending the size of a man’s penis. Every product comes with risks that are not really worth your time or investment. The fact is that the size of your penis has little effect on how sex feels to your partner. As the saying goes, “it isn’t the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean” that matters. Take that into consideration before you purchase hundreds of dollars worth of products that will end up not working in the long run.

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