Do Women Care About Penis Size?

Do Women Care About Penis SizeWe’ve all heard it, “It’s not about the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that counts if that't true do women care about penis size. How true is that saying really? Is it just something men came up with to make themselves feel better or is there some truth to it?

So do women care about penis size?

If you want to know the answer to the question, do women care about penis size, the answer may not surprise you. According to scientists from the University of Canberra Australia, women really do prefer larger penis sizes. Huge shocker there right? The studied showed that apparently women have always preferred larger penises. As homo sapiens evolved women looked for men with larger penises and chose them over less endowed males. So what does this mean for you?

The bigger the better?

Although larger penises are more attractive to women does that really mean they only want large penises in the bedroom? Not necessarily. The average penis size is right around 5.5 inches which is more than enough to satisfy most women. Most women feel that larger penises are really just a nuisance once they get past a certain length, which varies from woman to woman. Sex can actually become a painful experience for some when a man’s instrument is larger than life. An extra small penis can be an obstacle all the same. Women who prefer vaginal orgasms generally will tout their love of large penises, but most women enjoy clitoral stimulation which is a plus for the average man.

Penis size and pleasure

Penis size and pleasure do not go hand in hand and in fact men who think their massive penis is enough to make any woman moan in desire are in for a rude awakening. Good sex involves much more than thrusting and regardless of your size if you aren’t doing it right a woman will not be impressed. The lesson here is that while women prefer a man with at least an average size member they are not overly concerned or impressed with anything much larger than that. As long as you focus on pleasuring her and work on learning what she enjoys you will be deemed a good lover. And that is a rumor worth much more than women talking about how large your member is.

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