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Average Penis Size And The Science Behind It

Science Behind Penis SizeEvery guy wants their penis size to be bigger, longer, and fuller than any guy standing next to him. No dude wants to feel like he is less than desirable because the size of his penis doesn’t match up to other guys before him. Marketers and businesses are aware of this fear. To help us quell it, while coincidentally making millions of dollars in the process, they have developed pills, tools, and exercises to increase our penis size. But what is behind all this nonsense of penis size to start with?

The science behind penis size

Why do some men have members like porn stars and others seem to never grow into the size of their own height? To help us answer that question we have researched 2 studies on what factors determine how big a man’s penis will get.

Endocrine Disrupters

Endocrine disrupters can determinately affect the size of a male penis while in the womb. In certain doses these disrupters can dramatically transform the growth and health of an egg to a fully formed infant. Cleaning products, poisons, and chemicals all contain these chemicals and when a mother is exposed to them she can actually decrease the size of her son’s penis along with other harmful effects to his body. Several studies including one done in 2009 have proved this to be the case. So take heart if your partner is pregnant even if it’s with a girl, these chemicals will cause noticeable abnormalities to your child’s body.

Korean Finger Length Study

In a separate and totally unrelated study, Korean researcher and Dr. Tae Beom Kim compared the length of the index fingers with ring fingers to penis size, and as it turns out the shorter your index finger is the better! Doctors have determined that the size of your fingers also determine what health risks you can face later in life. For example, you may be faced with a higher risk of prostate cancer depending on your index and ring finger ratio. Who knew it would also play a role in the length of your penis? In reality, these studies are based off the evidence that finger size is directly related to how much testosterone you received as a fetus inside your mother womb. The greater amount of testosterone you received the larger your member would become.

Although these studies are not 100% conclusive they do provided us with some interesting insight into the world of male genital size. It seems as though both environmental and genetic factors weigh heavily on the outcome of your adult penis size. They may not provide any relief from the heartbreak associated with having a small penis, but they can nonetheless help you accept your size and move forward with your life. The fact is every guy is different, and it doesn’t make you any less for being who you are.

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