Four Myths About the Penis Debunked

Four Myths About the Penis DebunkedFor as long as men have worried about their penises there have been myths about the penis that have circulated that fuel the fires when it comes to measuring up in everything from length to virility. Sadly, many whispered secrets about the penis that circulate just aren’t true and today we’ve put together four myths about the penis and debunked them, so spread the word.

Penises on Average are 8 Inches Long

Have you run across this myth and found yourself sadly not measuring up? Don’t worry because it simply isn’t true. The average penis length is between 5.5 and 6.2 inches long, much less that the “8 inch” myth. The “8 inch” myth has lead to many men believing that they are ill equipped to satisfy a woman; luckily women are less worried about size and more about how a man uses what he’s got to please her.

Semen is Low-Carb

Have you ever told a woman that your semen was low-carb so she didn’t have to worry about messing up her diet? Well, you perpetuated the myth. Semen is made up of mostly fruit sugar (fructose) and enzymes, which though it isn’t unhealthy for a person to consume, is decidedly not low-carb.

Sitting Down While You Pee is Better for Your Bladder

Who hasn’t heard this one at least once in their lives? This myth has been circulating for years and was even claimed as a fact by the Taiwan Minster for the Environmental Protection Administration, Stephen Shen. This a myth as it provides no benefit to the bladder and as a matter of fact, can cause more issues than solve because sitting down causes an angle in the urethra that makes it more difficult to completely empty the bladder while urinating.

Ejaculating Daily Causes Problems with Your Swimmers

There is a myth that ejaculating often will mess up the DNA makeup of your swimmers, causing problems that can manifest themselves years down the road such as low quality sperm, problems ejaculating and more. The truth is that ejaculating often can affect the size of your ejaculate, but not the overall quality of it, so don’t worry about how much you masturbate or ejaculate unless you’re trying to have a baby.

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