Pick Up Lines that Actually Work on Women

Pick Up Lines that Actually Work on WomenOk we’ve all heard the cheesy pick up lines that are better used as jokes than actual pick up lines. One-liners like “you know what material this is? It’s boyfriend material” are absolutely terrible and should never be used on any girl you want to eventually be intimate with. Instead of one liners, we are going to focus on ice-breakers and initial meet and greet lines that get women interested and allow them to take down their barrier for just long enough for you to work your magic. Think outside the box guys because some of these pick up lines might catch you off guard, but trust us they work.

Pick up lines that actually work on women

Try “ Can I buy you a drink?” instead of “Sorry, but you owe me a drink. (why)? Because when I saw you I dropped mine.”

Why it works.
Because women like to feel like they are in power and you come off as classy and respectful instead of sleazy and stalker like. Funny enough, women respond to mature, direct, and confident attention from men when it is done with class. Instead of using a cheesy pick up line to get her to buy you a drink, just ask her outright if you can buy her one. Don’t be the creepy guy in the corner who buys her a drink from across the room. Give her the control and ask her for her permission to step into her life.

Try “Is this seat taken?” Instead of, “You look familiar.. didn’t we have a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.”

Why it works.
Honesty is always the best policy and if you are respectful of her space she will appreciate it. If you are out in a bar and see a girl sitting by herself or with a couple of friends don’t hesitate to try this line out. The results will probably be much better than you thought. Don’t use the line in a sleazy manner by putting emphasis on the wrong words. Instead become an actor and make her assume you genuinely just wanted the chair. Once you have it, strike up a conversation with her to transition into the next phase of charm.

Try “Excuse me, can you help me with..” Instead of, “I was wondering if you have an extra heart, mine seems to be stolen.”

Why it works.
Depending on the situation you can use this line to work in your favor. If you are at a department store and see a cute chick walk up to her and ask her for her help. You don’t come across as weird and you give her the power to either help you or walk away. If you are in a bar or restaurant you can ask her to help decide a bet or the name of a movie you were thinking of. Once she answers, you can invite her over to your table. It’s simple and effective without the cheesiness of other pick up lines.

Try, “Wow I love the perfume you are wearing.” Instead of, “Smoking is hazardous to your health, and baby your KILLING me.”

Why it works.
Complimenting any woman makes her feel confident and sexy and primed for sexual activity, and telling her she smells good is an easy way to get into a conversation. She will probably respond with a polite thank you and you can ask her what scent it is leading to further banter. Whatever you do make sure you sound genuinely interested when she talks otherwise you might lose her completely.

Pick up lines work in certain situations but never on strangers. Be confident and intrigue her intellect and watch the sparks fly.

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