Reading a Woman’s Smile - Is She Really Into You?

Reading a Woman’s Smile - Is She Really Into YouSo what's in a woman's smile? For many men out there trying to figure out a woman's intrest level is like an unspoken language. “There are tons of studies showing that men think women are interested when they're not," says researcher and psychologist Carin Perilloux of Williams College. Perillox and her colleagues conducted research of “The Misperception of Sexual Interest” in men, recently published in the journal, Psychological Science.

Tips on how to read a woman's smile

"Know that the more attracted you are, the more likely you are to be wrong about her interest,” says Perillox. Even though there’s more of a chance of being rejected, “overestimation is even more important,” says Perillox. Her research finds that the more often a man approaches a woman, the better change he has of finding a mate.

The study went on to suggest that men who were actually attractive did not misperceive the woman’s interest level in them, regardless of whether he thought he had a chance. Further proving men are from mars and women are from venus. So if a smile isn't a surefire sign what is?

- She Hangs Around

If the conversation is lingering yet she still isn't moving away chances are she's digging you. If all her friends are trying to leave the bar but she's hanging out at your table in no rush she may just be waiting for you to make a move.

- She Asks Your Friends About You

Most women who are interested in a man will do a little detective work before making her intentions obvious. If she's asking around if you are single, who you have dated or other personal questions about you chances are she's testing the waters to see if you would be into her.

- She Makes Contact

Whether it is intentional or not when a woman likes a man she tends to be drawn towards him. So if you feel she is brushing against you, cconstantly touching your arms, sides or any other taps and pats she might just be feeling you out.

- She Makes Future Plans

If you're in a social setting talking about upcoming plans and she injects herself into them that is usually a pretty good sign she wants to be in your future. Whether it's the game coming up this weekend or a party you we're invited to if you find her at these places and planning to meet up on a regular basis it's a strong probability that she wants to be in your future.

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