Top Secrets Women Keep from Men and Why

Secrets Women Keep from MenWhen it comes to women there are a lot things that they won’t tell you. Women are that elusive and secretive entity that men spend their whole lives trying to figure out and even at the end of their journey are still as confused as they were when they started. Did you ever want to understand what goes on in that beautiful mind and know what secrets women keep from men? Well, here’s your chance… just be prepared for what you find out.

What are Top Secrets Women Keep From Men?

Her Best Friend Knows Every secrets

When it comes to women it isn’t a very well kept secret that they like to talk and share, but did you know that your partner tells her best friend everything? From the satisfaction she gets from the bedroom (or lack thereof) to the ways in which you compare to her previous partners, a girl’s best friend knows it all and plays silent witness to your whole relationship.

She’s Fibbing When She Tells You Her Sex Partner Number

One secret women keep from men is “the number.” In a relationship the question of how many sex partners you’ve both had is always going to come up and in the conversation she more than likely told you a fib when she gave her sex partner number. No matter how innocent and honest she may have seemed, she’s going to keep that real number a secret for not only her piece of mind, but yours as well.

She Compares You to Her Exes… Frequently

The simple truth about your capabilities as a partner is that they are always going to be compared against that of her exes and it happens a lot more than you think. From simple things like how you show interest in what she has to say to more complicated things like whether or not you do that move with your tongue as well as her college boyfriend, she’s comparing it all. For the most part you win, but not always…

She Knows About Your Porn and Thinks It’s Hilarious/Horrifying

When men and women lived together as a couple invariably there comes that moment when she finds out that hidden stash of porn in the far back of the closet or those bookmarks on your computer to a porn site or 20. And when she does, more than likely she’s equally parts horrified and amused by it, though she won’t ever tell you that she found them or what she thought about it.

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