Sex Tips Every Man Needs to Know About Women

Sex Tips Every Man Needs to Know About WomenYou’ve probably found yourself stumbling when it comes to sex with women from finding the right way to start sex to helping her achieve orgasm when you were ready 15 minutes ago. Men and women are very different when it comes to sex and understanding the right sex tips to use can be a life saver when you're fumbling and stumbling in the sea of sex. The problem is most men are completely in the dark about what women want and how to make it happen in a way that will give her pleasure too.

Below are 4 sex tips every man needs to know about women to get her in the mood.

Do Just Say “Wanna’ Have Sex?”

If you’re horny, don’t just blurt out “Wanna’ Have Sex?” because more often than not it will get you nothing, but a pissed off woman or a sarcastic “Hmmm, do I want to have sex… no.” Personalize how you ask her and make her feel like it’s not just because you’re horny. Tell her something like she’s beautiful and that you want to make love with her, but don’t just tell her “Wanna’ Have Sex?” like she is a convenient partner to while away a few minutes with.

Romance Her

Women oftentimes are not ready and raring to go right off the bat; they need to be romanced to get to the level you’re at within just a few seconds. This is probably tired advice that you’ve heard a million times, but you might just need to hear it a million and one to really let it sink it. Romance her and turn the event into a feast for the senses by creating the right atmosphere and using your words and body to get her in the mood.

Don’t Forget that She Takes Longer to Get to the Finish Line

Men can have an orgasm within just a few minutes of starting, but for most women it is a slow build over the course of 15-20 minutes. Women need foreplay before the main event, so don’t skimp on the caresses, kisses, bites, etc. Get her there with you and you will both enjoy the event from start to finish.

Talk to Her

Sometimes women need more than just physical pleasure they need mental pleasure as well in the form of you talking about fantasies, sex positions and dreams you have about her. Help her imagine an even more exciting position or fantasy and spice up both of your sex lives with those “dirty” words. Talk to her, you’d be surprised at how much both of you love it.

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