Simple Ways to Boost her Sex Drive

Simple Ways to Boost her Sex DriveMen are usually labeled as the ones that are always with sex on their minds.  So how do you boost her sex drive to keep up wit you. Although that’s mostly true, women think about sex almost as much as men. The only difference is that most women prefer to keep their sexual desires and motives tucked away and protected. Just because they don’t voice their sexual desires, doesn’t mean that men aren’t able to lift their woman in their arms and carry her to the bed.

Top tips to boost her sex drive

Get her in a good mood

There isn’t any mystery behind finding ways to boost her sex drive either. You have to give her the right amount of attention before cutting to the chase. Women like to be romanced, and men like to leave the gushy stuff out so they can bury their man-piece into her. Boost her sex drive by using simple methods so nobody is left with sexual frustration.

Be Patient

Patience is key when trying to boost her sex drive. Women like eye contact, and it won’t hurt you to chat with her and put your ego aside. While chatting, lock eyes and make the conversation about her. Don’t patronize her, but really listen and get involved with what she is saying.

Be Spontaneous

Another simple trick is to walk up to her, put your arms around her and plant a fat kiss right on her lips, and say nothing. This will only create curiosity in her mind and her nerves will start firing off. This attention is a bonus, because it lets her know you love her and you want to be intimate with her. Sex is just that… sex, but if you make it about her and consider it love, then you will succeed in boosting her sex drive.

Explore her fantasies

Explore her mind when she is making love. Women won’t come out and admit that they have fantasies but when making love, you can explore her mind and find out what some of her fantasies are. A little role playing will turn her into an animal and only want you more. Be careful not to overdo it because it may cause anxiety and she may start feeling judged so keep things simple when deep diving into her sexual fantasies.

Send her a sexy message

Another simple method involves easy text messages to send her and even small acts of kindness. Flowers are great to buy but are also cliché so find something that will really demonstrate that you think about her. You could offer her a back rub, or cook her dinner. This will also boost her sex drive by appealing to her romantic side and it’s painless and simple to achieve.

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