Why You Should Stay Single in Your 20's

Why You Should Stay Single in Your 20'sFor many men, the main idea in life is to stay single and have as much fun as possible. But one way to is to find the ideal partner, have fun and discover what sex and relationships can bring. This is the reason why many young men and young professionals are always on the move to find their latest conquests in the hope of enjoying the companionship and even the romp in bed. For some the search for your partner intensifies during the early 20s when many men are starting to discover their independence and they have the money to spend to wine and dine women.

If you are part of that club and you want to find your  partner to spend the rest of your life with, then better hold that plan. However if you are in your 20's, it doesn't mean that you need to jump on the bandwagon and start looking for love and marriage. In fact it is to your advantage to stay single in your 20's. Your mother and most women will probably scoff at this idea, but if you really want to discover yourself and experience the single life before settling down, then you need to stay single in your 20's.

Being Single in Your 20s Allows You to Meet More Women (And Enjoy the Company of Many)

Why you should stay single in your 20s, and why consider this? Let’s say for example that you’ve decided to find your partner at 22, and yes you will start experiencing the joys of relationship and the satisfaction of sex. If you have a partner at this age, then you have your regular dose of sex and companionship and you can get it from the same person. In short, you have a regular sex fix all the time, every time. Now, here’s where the problem will crop up.

The problem with this kind of arrangement is that you will be boxed in the arrangement, and you will be tied up with that person for a long period of time. What if there’s a gorgeous lady who suddenly enters your life and showed some signs of interest? What if someone booked a date for you with a hot exchange student? You can’t easily date and have these girls since you have someone looking after you! In short, you will miss out on a number of opportunities when you are committed.

20s is Age of Fun and Discovery

Remember, you are too young to be tied up in one relationship and just one girl. Life is all about exploration, and the best years to explore are in your 20s. You cannot explore life freely and the way you want it to be if you are engaged or in a relationship.
Why you should stay single in your 20s? Well, life is fun if you are still single. Explore your life and many women when you are in your 20s. There’s no need to rush into a relationship. Have fun, and discover the world!

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