Signs that She Likes You

Signs that She Likes YouKnowing whether she likes you can be the pushing point on whether or not you make a move and ask her out, but sometimes the ways in which getting a simple Yes or No answer can be a little murky.

Read below on some sure tell sign on weather she likes you or not

Luckily there are usually a few clear signs that you can look for that will help clear up the question once and for all, giving you that extra bit of gumption to ask her out to dinner and a movie the next coming Friday.

She Plays with Her Hair

It is an age-old sign that a woman is attracted to you; she plays with her hair as she talks such as flipping it over her shoulder, tangling her fingers into the strands, biting it, etc. Women are very tactile with their hair when they are sexually attracted to someone and if you pay attention you should be able to spot these tale tell signs fairly easily.

She Laughs at All Your Jokes (Even if They Aren’t Funny)

Unless you’re a comedian, you’ve probably got a few so-so jokes that you use to break the ice that aren’t especially funny… but she laughs anyways. She’s not laughing because you tickled her funny bone, she’s laughing because she is unconsciously showing interest in you and consciously wants to not make you feel bad when the joke falls flat. Any woman that would laugh at your horrible Woody Allen impression is clearly “in like” with you.

She Finds Ways to Touch You Often

Just like with touching her hair, women are tactile and especially so with men that they are attracted to. Pay attention to how she touches you, where and how often ad this could be a clear indicator of her affections for you. Oftentimes a woman will touch your hand when she laughs at your jokes, lean against you when she’s trying to whisper something in your ear, fix an errant strand of hair that’s in your eyes; they are all conscious and unconscious indicators that she finds you sexually attractive and wouldn’t say no to a date or two.

She Leans Towards Your Body While Talking

Body language can tell a lot about a person and how they feel. If a woman is into you she will lean her body towards you when she is with you whether it is a subtle shift of her legs in your direction, her body tilted nearer to you when you’re standing together or leaning towards you when you eating lunch in the company break room.

She Flutters Her Eyelashes and Nibbles her Lips

Women can oftentimes get nervous when they are talking to or are with someone they like, leading to a fluttering of their eyelashes or a nibbling of their lips as a way to release that nervousness. If a woman is doing do this while you are around or talking to her it could be a sign that she finds you attractive and would welcome a night out on the town with you.

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