Rejection And How To Handle The Pain

rejectionAs men we try not to show our emotions however there is no denying that the pain of rejection can really sting. A recent study by the Academy of Sciences has even found that the pain of rejection goes beyond just hurt feelings and is more like physical pain than we previously knew.

The new research suggests that the same part of the brain is activated for physical pain as it is with emotional pain. To test this theory participants were strapped up to an MRI machine and shown photos of past relationships in which there was an unwanted break-up to demonstrate the feeling of rejection and another test was performed with a hot liquid to stimulate spilled coffee to demonstrate physical pain. And Lo and behold the same cortex’s in the brain light up in both instances.

If you are dealing with feelings of rejection from a recent break up and you feel like you just got whacked in the junk maybe it’s not all in your head. So take comfort in knowing that break ups happen for a reason and they usually don’t make any sense until your with the person you are about to meet next that you were really meant to be with all along.

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