Boost Your Confidence Around Women

How to Boost Your Confidence Around WomenDwindling self-confidence seems to plague many men. In an age when much of our conversations occur over the internet, a lack of confidence in social interactions is a common problem for many men. This lack of confidence can make men shy away from approaching women. Here are some tips for how to boost your confidence around women.

Practice Interacting With Women in Person

When men rely on text messages and interactions online, they become less confident in face-to-face interactions. Experts worry that we are losing our social skills as we are reduced to text speak and brief posts on social media websites. Men should take advantage of current relationships with female friends and coworkers and practice social interactions daily. Challenge yourself to introduce yourself to new people and learn about them. Practicing interacting with people will build your confidence and prepare you for approaching women.

Remember the Best Compliments

People are often critical of themselves. We tend to forget our good qualities and focus on what we feel the need to fix or change about ourselves. One only needs to consider the vast diet industry to see that we are not happy with ourselves. Men should take time to remember their good qualities and achievements. Remembering the best compliments you ever received is one way to boost your confidence. Consider posting these compliments around your home and reading them often as you work on building your confidence.

Achieve a Goal

When we have successes, even if they are small, it helps to improve our confidence. Make a small goal and achieve it. The goal should be something that is not too easy but that you can accomplish with effort. You may want to set a goal every day or every week. For example, a goal can be to complete a workout, learn a new skill, or read a book.

Don't Take Rejection Personally

When you ask a women out and she says no, the rejection isn't about you. Many men let a "no" from a woman hurt their egos. The assume the rejection means something about them. When a woman says no, it speaks of her circumstances, perception, attitude, and her opinion of what she wants in a mate. The man is no less of a person, because a woman decided she doesn't want to date him. If anything, he has benefited from taking the risk and facing the possibility of rejection.

Dress for Success

Men often think of dressing for success in terms of the office, but the same holds true for social situations. People feel more confident when they know they look good. Before approaching women, prepare yourself with some stylish clothes and groomed appearance. Don't forget about your fingernails and breath. Building confidence to approach women is an ongoing process for many men. Enjoy the journey rather than worrying about the possible rejections.

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