Body Odor Symptoms Cause And Treatment

The Sweet Smell of Romance  Dont Let Body Odor InterfereWe all know the value of smelling clean and fresh to those around us, so we wear deodorant and colognes to ensure a pleasant scent. But how do you solve body odor in intimate areas? First, understand that, for most people, the scent is not a reflection of uncleanly behavior. Body odor and mustiness often overlap in our minds, particularly when it comes to areas that don’t often see the light of day.

One way to battle musty and/or sweaty smells

Use a light, non-scented body powder first thing in the morning or after drying off from a shower. The powder helps absorb moisture, keeping the area dry and limiting any associated body odor. Another option is to wear looser fitting garments that promote natural air flow. Another thing to keep in mind is that sweat, on its own, has no scent at all.

It is essentially water from inside the body emerging to the outside. Where the smell factor comes into play is when sweat comes in contact with bacteria on the skin. So, another way to fight odor is to use an antibacterial soap and antibacterial lotions or moisturizers and you should be able to stave off the sweat/bacteria mix. Similarly, washing and drying laundry properly will help inhibit bacteria growth.

Check with your Dr to see if you have a underlying condition.

If you find that your personal aroma takes on an acidic, acrid, pungent or other strong smell, you may have an underlying condition to blame. Diabetes, for instance, has been known to create a slightly acidic smell reminiscent of nail polish remover.

A strong, pungent urine smell may be the result of a urinary tract infection which can cause urine leakage so slight it goes unnoticed until the scent sets in undergarments. So pay attention and if you notice any of these changes consult a physician right away.

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