Things She Craves in Bed From You

Things She Craves in BedEvery woman and man craves in bed certain things in their relationship. Some guys like their testicles played with while others just want the main event. But for women, things are different. Each one is extremely complicated and enjoys different things in bed, but there is a general consensus on what she craves in bed. Although you might not be too surprised by a few items on our list there will no doubt be a few that will have you scratching your head. Take it away ladies..

Oral Sex

Shocking, right? Most women don’t like oral sex you thought, after all they never ask you to do it again after the first time. What you probably fail to realize is that women might not like the way you are doing it. Sloppy, noisy, and downright disgusting oral sex not only disturbs her, but actually turns her off. Instead of going to town on her like she is a piece of corn on the cob, take your time and be delicate with her body. She craves in bed a man who knows how to lick and kiss her in between the legs, be that guy by paying attention to her desires.


You've probably have heard it once or twice before, women love a man who is passionate in the bedroom. But what does it mean? Are we talking like Fabio rippling-muscle-hero type passion here? The answer is no. Women simply want a man who can ignite a fire in their minds and bodies, and a man who is boring in bed can’t do that. Be passionate by showing how much you are into her. Grab her tight and pull her body close to you to show your passion for her.

Intimate Sex

There is a difference between sex and intimacy, contrary to what most of us men believe. Women crave sex for its intimacy and often only feel truly close to their partners during sex. However, we men view sex more as a carnal pleasure. Next time you get frisky tell her your deepest sexual fantasies. The more you open up to her the more she will open up to you, and in the end that is the type of intimacy she so desperately craves.

A man who knows where to touch her

Sex for a woman is less about specific areas and more about a body encompassing sex session. She wants you to experience her in her full glory. Don’t ignore areas of her body that turn her on like her neck, lower back, inner thighs, and stomach. Kissing her up and down her body will build up anticipation for when you do touch her naughty bits. Women crave a man who will do this every time they make love to her.

Dirty Talk

That’s right, girls are dirty too. Many guys are afraid to let their darker side show or don’t know the boundaries that she has set for dirty talk, and instead of asking they avoid the subject all together. Don’t be that guy! She craves for you to whisper in her ear and tell her all those nasty little things you've been thinking about all day. Let it flow through you and tell her everything that you've been thinking. Not only will she appreciate it, she will likely reciprocate it making things ultra hot for both of you.

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