Things Not to Say on the First Date

Things Not to Say on the First DateYou may be playing out in your head your ideal first date, but we all know it doesn’t always go according to plan. You may forget the smooth flow of dialogue you planned, with questions and answers you rehearsed to yourself in the mirror the night before, as soon as the date begins. But then your nerves get the best of you and you start to blabber on about whatever comes to mind.Before you put your foot square in your mouth and mess up your chance for a second date keep reading.

Top things not to say on the first date to help you steer clear of conversation landmines

Don't be judgmental

If your first date is at a restaurant, first and foremost, don’t make any comment that could make your date feel guilty about what she ordered. For example, right after she gives the server her order is not an awesome time to talk about how the food she chose is unhealthy.

Keep it positive

Positive comments regarding food must also be worded carefully. It’s the first date, and hopefully you can grasp that your date wants to impress you just as much as you want to impress her. Don’t make any comment that could hint you would like to try her food. She could feel guilty or awkward trying to decipher whether or not to offer you a bite.

Don't get to comfortable

Food sharing is something you do when you’re extremely comfortable with one another, so try to pick up the conversation right where it left off before the server came.

Some obvious No-no’s:

• Anything regarding eating habits, or how you feel guilty for ordering something.
• Anything negative about the restaurant or staff.
• Anything regarding the cost of an item on the menu.

Pick a restaurant with several food options

Going out to eat is a very high risk, high reward first dating scenario. Recommended destinations in the absence of a food preference like a bar & grill or any place with a very diverse menu.

Take your date outdoors

If you are the athletic type going for a walk or jog makes for a great first date between fitness enthusiasts. It’s free, healthy, and provides just as much emphasis on conversation as eating out at a restaurant would provide. The conversational rules of both settings are very similar.

Obviously, you don’t want to ask about exercise habits. You also don’t want to brag about your own intense workout regimens. The goal is to not make your date feel awkward or that her exercise habits are “inadequate” when compared to yours.

For all you know, she may not exercise often, and is doing the walk or jog because she enjoys spending time with you, so make sure you appreciate it by making her feel comfortable.

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