Things that Men Should Never Say While in Bed

Things that Men Should Never Say While in BedThings that men should never say while in bed. Being a vocal bed partner can add to the overall experience not only for your lover, but yourself as well. Things like dirty talk and nonverbal communication such as moaning can get her in the mood; however there are just some things that men should never say while in bed.

So pay attention men to these 5 things that men should never say while in bed.

One slip of the tongue or wrong phrase can put a halt to the mood in a second flat and possibly cause a fight, so pay attention men to these 5 things that you should never say in bed.

“I Want to Try this Move I Used to Do with My Ex”

Sure, a healthy and varied sexual routine is a great way to spice up your sec life, but this is just liable to get you summarily kicked out of the bed and possibly the whole house as well. No woman wants to be compared to another woman, least of all one of your ex’s, so steer clear of any comparisons. Broach the subject of a new sex position you did with an ex by finding it in a book about Kama Sutra or simply just try it out by helping your current partner get in the right position without talking about it.

“I Can’t Find it… You Need to Shave”

Telling your lady friend that she needs grooming in the middle of sex will kill the mood like nothing else. Ask questions and go exploring, but don’t tell her she needs to shave, it’s just a mood killer waiting to happen.

“Are You almost Done?”

This is a sure way to show her that you aren’t so worried about her achieving orgasm once you’ve reached yours. Women take longer to reach an orgasm than men do, so engage in foreplay before the main event or find a way to get some staying power because no woman wants to feel like nothing more than a convenient stand in instead of solo sex.

“Babe, can You Move Your Head the Other Way, the Games On?”

Showing more interest in the game than pleasuring her while she’s pleasuring you is not a smart move. Take a few minutes away from the TV and give her you undivided attention, you’d be surprised at how much more pleasure you’ll get out of the situation if you pay attention.

“Do We Really Need the Condom?”

This question usually doesn’t end well for men who ask it because it shows a distinct lack of care for pregnancy and STDs. Women rarely find this question amusing or okay, especially if you haven’t know her for very long. So use a condom and keep that question locked up tight until you know her better and she knows you better.

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