Best Staying Power Tips For in the Bedroom

Tips for Extra Staying Power in the BedroomSecond only to the size of a man’s penis, his staying power in the bedroom is the most important thing to any woman. Many men are constantly trying to improve their stamina, either through pills, medications, or devices. But what is the true secret to staying power in the bedroom? Does it have to involve some sort of medical intervention? Or can it strictly be done by sheer will alone?

Top tips to improve your sexual staying power in the bedroom

How long does the average man last

For starters, it is important to understand how long the average man staying power lasts in the bedroom. It is unrealistic to compare ourselves to other men who have medical enhancements done to their bodies, or others who are too hopped up on Viagra and other substances to actually feel any sensation at all (aka, porn stars). According to a study conducted by 34 American and Canadian sex therapists, the average time a man lasts in bed is anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes. That’s a lot less than the movies isn’t it fellas? How can you break that streak and go for gold after 30 minutes or an hour even? There are a few tricks you can keep in mind the next time you are in the bedroom.

Tame your excitement

Secondly, don’t start fast. As men we tend to get, how shall we say, ‘excited’ at the chance to be inside a woman. We cannot wait for that moment and once we are there it’s hard not to go crazy. However, if we really want to make sex last longer than 5 minutes we have to learn to control our bodies. Starting out slow is an excellent way to do this. Women love it as well. Take your time to thrust and don’t go deep until a little later. You should enjoy the way she feels around you and focus on pleasuring her first.

Practice regularly

Next, practice. Practice makes perfect and when it comes to masturbation practice isn’t too difficult. The next time you are in a ‘personal session’ slow your rhythm down. Make 15 minutes your goal. Bring yourself close to orgasm and then stop. No matter how good it may feel, learn to control your orgasm until you are ready for it.

Take a step back

Another great technique is to go shallow. If you feel yourself reaching near the finish line take a step back, pull out and tease her clitoris with the head of your penis. The breathing space will allow your body to readjust and will change your mind set to a different area of her body. You can also go very shallow and just penetrate the inside of her vagina right where her most sensitive never endings are. The pleasure may be enough to get her to her final destination but it will keep you holding back until the moment is right.

Kegel Exercises for men

Get some exercise. No we aren’t talking about hitting the gym, although she might appreciate that, what we mean is Kegel exercises. Most commonly known by women who want to strengthen their inner walls, the PC muscles are also located on men and control the flow of urine. All you have to do is squeeze and release the muscles that control your urine flow for 10 reps of 10 seconds each and in no time it will be easier to control your ejaculation when the time comes.

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