How to Slow Down a Fast Moving Relationship

Tips to Slow Down a Fast Moving RelationshipWhether it is a fast moving relationship or it's heading in that direction or if you've already decided to take it there, there are just times when you need a breather. If things are moving just a little too fast for you, then there are some smart ways you can slow down a fast moving relationship without looking like a jerk.

Call Less Often

Calling each other daily, even multiple times a day is a part of a new relationship that can get overwhelming. If you need a little break, you can change your calling schedule to every other day. All you need to do is to tell her you'll be busy the next day but you'll be able to catch up the day after. This way you don't give her the impression that you're not into her and she will be more understanding.

Switch to Group Dates

If you're still in that "playing the field" stage and feel like she's taking your one-on-one dates more seriously than you are, then it's probably a good idea to start hanging out with groups of people. Invite a bunch of friends out to dinner or have a party at your house. That way, you keep things more playful and less serious.

More Time Apart

So your relationship is new and intense but you want to step back not to date other women but to just spend some time with friends on the weekend. The purpose of this separation is not to cut her out of your life, it's to take a breather and do some of your own fun activities.

Have Other Plans

If you're spending all of your free time with her, then one of the best ways to slow things down is to have plans after your dates. Instead of dinner have lunch and then make some evening plans with friends. That way you don't forget your friends and keep the relationship with her fresh and playful.

Avoid Milestones

Meeting her friends, meeting her parents, those are signs that things are getting serious between the two of you. The best way to handle them is to avoid them altogether. The last thing you need is to get deeper into her life and then realizing it's not where you want to be.

Spend Less Time

One of the best ways to do this is to focus on your career. Now, this does not give you the right to just ditch her without notice at the last minute. A better way is to let her know that you're going to be focusing on your career and won't be able to hang out with her as much anymore. You can still make dates, just not as often.

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