Cheating Signs Your Girl is Creeping On You

Warning Signs Your Girl is CheatingUsually men are always pegged as cheaters and women are the innocent victims and immune from cheating. Statistically men do cheat more however women also cheat often they are just better at getting away with it or less willing to admit when they’re caught. Since women in general pay great attention to detail and plan ahead they usually do a very good job at covering their bases before they even act. Men on the other hand dive head in first then when they get caught we start planing how to get out of our dilemma.

So here are some signs that your girl may be cheating.

1. She’s hanging out with her friends more than before.

When those ladies nights start occurring more frequently and the pictures aren’t being uploaded to facebook like they used to be this may be a sign.

2. She’s rushing sex.

If she was always a “warm up the oven before you stick in the turkey” type and now she wants to get down to business as quickly as possible this could be a sign she’s getting her kicks elsewhere.

3. She’s becomes more inquisitive on your behavior

Usually a guilty conscience will lead to behavior such as accusing you of cheating or trying to dig into what you’re up to so she can justify her actions.

4. She’s stops texting and calling as much

If your girl is constantly on her iphone but she doesn’t call and text as much as she used to chances are she’s calling and texting someone else.

Just remember people cheat for two reasons:

because it’s in their DNA or because they’re unhappy. If they are just cheaters there’s really not much you can do about that. If they are unhappy with the relationship chances are so are you and maybe it’s time to move on.

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