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Women’s Lingerie that she will love

Woman posing in a sexy lingerie

Every man knows women’s lingerie is tricky to buy. It is an alien concept for many men . Mostly because men’s undergarments are just that, undergarments, but with women, it is so much more. On one hand, it is an undergarment, a necessary evil, a practical piece of fabric which is required to be soft and comfortable. On the other hand, women’s lingerie comes in a pretty package for gifting that women adore, it is also a elevation of self-confidence and empowerment and much more. I guess we have the marketing campaigns and movies to blame(or thank) for this.

There is no doubt that women’s lingerie can be incredibly sexy, and they know that fairly well too. However, gifting women’s lingerie should not be done with just the sexiness factor in mind. It should also be supportive, comfortable and practical enough for her to wear in real-life occasions. This means it’s not just to fill men fantasies. So, if you are thinking along the lines of crazy skimpy lingerie for her don’t and take notes below.

Men’s Guide for Gifting Women’s Lingerie

High-waisted panties

women’s lingerie

Before you roll your eyes and walk away, hear us out. These high waisted panties as women’s lingerie will spare you from the granny panty vibes, but keep the flabs tucked away. Choose dark color they have an intense sex appeal, and these are great for an everyday look. Your girl will love them because they are very comfortable to wear. It is not something that you expect from a sexy underwear. It is also incredibly sexy and appealing in a 1960s way. There are various high-waisted panties that you can choose from, and some come in various risque cuts. Take your pick and find the one you think she will like the best.

Calvin Klein Cotton: women’s lingerie

women’s lingerie

Calvin Klein is not only for your boxers and briefs, you might also be pleasantly surprised by their options for women’s lingerie. They go for a more minimalistic approach, as compared to the bells and whistles of Victoria Secret’s obvious sexy image. If you want to get your woman something which is perfect for more realistic everyday wear, this is the place you might want to check out. Besides, there is something about Calvin Klein cotton lingerie which will give your woman a real vibe, like a girl-next-door or a model-off-duty manner. It is effortlessly sexy and confident. The woman in your life will love it. These are insanely comfortable too, and it doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes.


Okay, we know most men love the thongs. But does she? Well see this is where you need to be a little observant. Some women have completely opposite reaction about thongs when it comes to women’s lingerie. Some swear by them, and how they are so comfortable and convenient while there are others who will never wear one. If a thong is something that your girlfriend is not opposed to, chances are that she will appreciate a nice pair of thongs. They are great under skirts and white pants. This is because thongs don’t show the panty lines.  Win-win! However, be careful about the material of the thongs, as that can be pretty tricky. The more comfortable, the better.


Bralettes are incredibly comfortable, but they are also sexy too. This makes them a crowd pleaser. They are great for the woman who has no patience for underwires or paddings. Also, bralettes are the next best option for going braless. And if you are the man who enjoys the real stuff instead of feigned business, we are sure you will love this. Also, in most cases, bralettes are worn not just as underwear, but as tops and undershirts, with jeans and skirts. Bralettes women’s lingerie comes in a variety of designs be it the lacy ones, or simple strappy ones. Be ready to be overwhelmed by the options.

Silk Robe

This one is a classic. A silk robe will instantly make her feel right out of an old Hollywood movie, but it is also functional enough to be worn every day. They come is a variety of options, ranging from the classic blacks to dainty florals. They are perfect for lazing around the house, and also for ‘special nights’ Choose the one which you think is more her style. It is incredibly sexy and will appeal to your senses too. What’s not to like?

Leather Harness: women’s lingerie

We don’t mean the over the top BDSM costumes, but H-strap harnesses can surely bring a bit of spark into the bedroom. They are great to be worn over women’s lingerie, and your girlfriend will surely love feeling like a dominatrix. These can easily worn over a casual white T-shirt to give a simple outfit an edge, making her feel like a woman in control.

When it comes to buying women’s lingerie for your lady the idea is to buy something that looks luxurious and pampering, rather than cheap and costumey, so do a bit of research before you make your purchase. Remember to be sensitive about what she will actually feel good and confident, as opposed to something that feels like she is an object in anyway. Finding that balance is very tricky and can be a little confusing.

Maybe if you try hard enough, you can hit that sweet spot where you find something which appeals to her as well as makes your heart race. The options are endless but can be a little overwhelming, for sure. A women’s lingerie store can be intense for someone who doesn’t know what he is looking for.  So don’t shy away from asking for help from your female friends to help you out. Good luck.

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