Working out with Your Girl Whats The Benefit

Working out with Your GirlWorking out with your girl may sound like a good idea to spend time together while getting in your daily exercise. Taking into consideration your fitness levels, interests and time schedules working out as a couple can have its pro’s and con’s.


• Bonding

Working out together can be a great time to start or catch up on your day while staying fit which can only benefit both of you.

• Encouragement

Working out with a partner, especially someone you care about can push you to run that extra mile or do the extra set.

• Mix up your routine

Working out with your girl may be a great excuse to try something new like yoga or a kick boxing class.

• Improve your sex life

It’s no mystery that people feel better when they exercise regularly. Working up a sweat with your sweetie can make both of you feel better about how you look. And as a bonus you get check her out in those cute workout clothes and think about what you plan to do later between the sheets.


• Different Fitness Levels

If you and your girl aren’t on the same fitness level (or in the same ballpark) most likely you will end up not getting a great workout and she will feel over worked.

• Conflicting Workout Schedules

If she’s an early bird and you prefer to get your workout in after a day’s work then either way one of you will be compromising your preferred time and that can put a serious damper on the enjoyment or quality of your workout.

• Competitive Nature

If you are the manly type that does not like to be outdone, going for a run with your wife who is a marathoner (if you are not) may not be a great idea. On the flipside if your girl wants to try and keep up with you on those weight workouts she may be setting herself up for injury.

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