3 Foods that Cut Cravings

When you get uncontrollably hungry and begin craving foods like never before. If you’re looking to shape up and slim down this year or in preparation of the next, you’ll no doubt be all too aware that in order to do so you will need to get plenty of exercise, and consume fresh, healthy, nutritious, and low fat foods.

Dieting, getting fit and healthy is all well and good, but you need to be realistic too. How you react to these feelings? Cravings could very well decide whether you succeed or fail on your quest to lose weight and/or get fit and healthy. Eating the same 3 foods cut cravings over and over again is bound to cause you to crave junk foods or unhealthy foods or foods that could derail your progress. You must remind yourself that giving in to these cravings could spell disaster. The good news however, is that as well as simply reminding yourself how bad it is to give in to temptation. You can also cut cravings and help suppress feelings of hunger by eating and drinking certain foods and drinks.

3 foods cut cravings  are Apples, Green Tea and Pine nuts

Apples – You’ve heard the expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It is actually far more accurate than you probably will have realized. Apples are fantastic for keeping hunger at bay and suppressing cravings because they contain soluble fiber. Soluble fiber when consumed, is broken down in water in the digestive system. It forms a thick gel like substance that coats the walls of the stomach. The intestines to help us feel full for longer.


As a result of this, after eating a regular meal, the fiber helps reduce the amount of sugar and calories that are absorbed into our blood streams. This in turn reduces the infamous “sugar crashes” which leaves us craving more sugar. Apples are also nutritionally balanced as they contain vitamins and antioxidants.

Green Tea

Green tea is packed full of healthy ingredients including powerful antioxidants that benefit the body in numerous ways. One of these ingredients is known as EGCG that has been proven to help increase the natural production of hormones which promote feelings of fullness after a meal.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are naturally high in calories. Calories come from healthy fat sources including omega 6 fatty acids. This fatty acid is known as pinolenic acid. It too have been linked with the increased production of hormones responsible for satiety. Helping to promote increased levels of hunger suppressing hormones means. We will be less likely to crave unhealthy foods. The nuts are ideal and known as one of the 3 foods cut cravings as they can be sprinkled over foods. Because it can be used in pesto for a delicious marinade. It can also be consumed on the go as healthy snacks.

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