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Gone are the days when men’s fashion was more or less monotonous and one just grunts and smirks at the mention of ‘spring fashion trends’. However, nowadays men’s fashion trends are as multi-faceted and filled with variety as the men themselves. While we step into spring, the season of sunny days and blossoms are just […]

The 2012 Summer Olympics: Track & Field

The Athletics category in the 2012 Summer Olympics, which is often referred to as Track & Field, is usually one of the most popular categories in the Olympiad events because many believe that it is the most representative of the Ancient Olympic Games held in Olympia, Greece. The Olympic motto is “Citius, Altius, Fortius” which […]

The 2012 Summer Olympics - Weightlifting for the Gold

The 2012 Summer Olympics - Weightlifting for the Gold

Weightlifting has been a part of the Olympic Games since they first began in 1896 and the sport has been a popular event every two years at the Summer Olympics. For the first 104 years the weightlifting championships was male dominated, but in the 2000 Summer Olympics a women’s division was introduced, becoming just as […]