Boxing Workout Routine Best Guide

The Boxing Workout

There’s no doubt that the boxing workout routine is a rough and tough exercise that requires physical strength, endurance and extreme stamina. It’s no wonder why so many men including celebrities have taken interest into learning the moves of a prize fighter. They have bulging biceps, washboard abs and legs of steel and when it […]

Best Fittest Athletes Who Are The Top 7 On?

fittest athletes

Best fittest athletes, When you’re trying to get fit, world-class athletes can be a major source of inspiration. While it is highly unlikely that any of us will ever be on their level, we can all still be motivated by their dedication to their respective crafts. And this is particularly true where the best of […]

Fighter Workout For Fat Loss and Muscle Mass

MMA Ultimate - Fighter Workout For Men

If you have ever watched a MMA fight you know without a doubt that these guys are lean mean fighting machines. The fighters achieve those chiseled bodies and intense strength and power through discipline, mental toughness and grueling workouts. Most importantly, we have their secrets here to share with you. This MMA Ultimate Fighter Workout […]

Muscle Building Workout Basic Principles

Basic Principles of Building Muscle

Individuals regardless of their race, nationality and size all share the same physiology and anatomy. However each person born of varying linages have been exposed to different conditions during their existence resulting in generational traits being handed down to descendants making each person develop a tolerance to some things and not the other. This existing […]

Muay Thai Workout The Ultimate Training

The Muay Thai Workout

The word “Muay-Thai” when translated to the English language effectively means the art of Eight Limbs, or Thai Boxing. The sport has often been referred to as one of the most brutal combative stand-up martial arts sports using a combination of powerful kicks, and punches using the feet, elbows, knees and even the forehead the […]

No gym At Home Workouts Plan Exercises

Top 5 Free Work Outs

If the cost of a gym membership or setting up a home gym makes you not want to work out you have a good reason. An annual gym membership can run you $500 a year and to buy and a treadmill or elliptical can cost you easily a few thousand dollars. Added up over time […]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Remains Unbeaten, Wins Decision Over Marcos Maidana

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Remains Unbeaten, Wins Decision Over Marcos Maidana

In perhaps what may have been the toughest fight of his career, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won by decision over challenger Marcos Maidana to remain unbeaten and unify the world welterweight titles Saturday night in front of 16,268 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather is now 46-0, but had to earn it […]

Working out with Your Girl Whats The Benefit

Working out with Your Girl

Working out with your girl may sound like a good idea to spend time together while getting in your daily exercise. Taking into consideration your fitness levels, interests and time schedules working out as a couple can have its pro’s and con’s. Working out with your girl Pro’s  Bonding Working out together can be a […]

Relationship Troubles Ways To Solve Them

Tackling Relationship Troubles

How to spot if you have relationship troubles, Very few couples will go through an entire relationship span without a single argument. Those that do often cite a lack of spark as reason to end things. The fact is argument, as part of a healthy dialogue, is essential to the growth of a relationship. However, […]

Cross Training Workouts Fitness Plan For Beginners

Cross Training Tips from The Pros

Most men in their quest for the perfect physique, enhanced strength and performance have routinely been found stockpiling massive exercise arsenal utilizing every known cross training method at their disposal to gain their goal to perfection. Importance of cross training in your Fitness Routine Some men however have unwillingly dug themselves into a type of […]

What is Plyometrics Exercises What you need to know

Plyometrics Exercises You can Incorporate into Your Workout

Jump training or otherwise known as Plyometrics exercises is a specific training technique used by fitness enthusiasts designed to increase muscle mass, and overall strength. This technique initially developed for athletes training for Olympic events has found it’s way into the basic workout routines as the best plyometric exercises and is currently used by people […]

Floyd Mayweather Tops Canelo Alvarez In Title Fight

Floyd Mayweather Tops Canelo Alvarez In Title Fight

After seventeen years in the ring, Floyd Mayweather Jr. proved that he still has it. On Saturday night in front of a crowd of 16,746 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Mayweather defeated Saul “Canelo” Alvarez by majority decision to solidify his junior middleweight world titles. Alvarez, the Mexican hero of sorts, […]

Georges St-Pierre Defeats Diaz at UFC 158

Georges St-Pierre Defeats Diaz at UFC 158

One of mixed martial arts’ most celebrated fighters, Georges St-Pierre, defended his UFC welterweight title for the eighth consecutive time by out-pointing Nick Diaz, a former Strikeforce champion at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The Canadian St-Pierre won by unanimous scores of 50-45. He now ranks second all-time in UFC title defenses behind middleweight champion […]

The Best Fitness Classes Every Man Should try

If you go to a gym you have probably seen the fitness classes in the big glass room and chalked them up to just for women activities. True some of the aerobics and dance based fitness classes might not be for the average guy however more gyms are introducing classes that appeal to both sexes. […]

The Best Cardio Workouts To Burn Fat & Build Endurance

Cardio workouts like the treadmill, kickboxing and spinning class are the best workouts for heavy weightlifters. We all know those guys who slave in the gym pumping iron day in and day out but you never catch them on a treadmill. What most of these men don’t realize is that all of the work that […]

Gold Medal Training

Gold Medal Training

It takes a special kind of training center to create an Olympic athlete. The Colorado Springs U.S. Olympic Training Center –the U.S.’s first Olympic training center and the home of the Olympic Committee Headquarters—houses many of the nation’s best and brightest up-and-coming athletes with eyes on the ultimate prize: Olympic Glory. Winter Olympics Training Academy […]