Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting Effects on Energy

Whenever we hear of the keto diet and intermittent fasting, thoughts of weight loss quickly creep into our minds. But there is more to it. These diet plans are steadily gaining popularity among the masses due to their influence on energy and sleep. All kinds of meal plans have an impact on your energy levels […]

How Men Suffer from Anxiety and Depression Differently

How men suffer from anxiety and depression

Throughout much of history, conditions such as anxiety and depression have been downplayed by society. However, recent studies and medical research has shown these conditions can have grave consequences if ignored. Consequently, these studies, coupled with increased awareness, have led to a different outlook altogether. Anxiety is now recognized as a severe condition, and more […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder How To Tell If You Have It

seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a depression type that strikes you every year around a similar time. It generally follows a seasonal pattern. You can experience this beginning and ending with a change in seasons every year. However, just like normal depression it feeds on all of your energy and makes you sensitive to even […]

7 Simple and Smart Healthy Habits for Men Over 40

Simple, But Smart Health Habits for 40 Year Old Men

Is 40 really the new 25? There are thousands of articles about women over 40, but what about men over 40? Men just get better, right? After all, there is scientific proof that intellectual production peaks in your 40s. If you are going to win a Nobel Prize, your major research work is done in your 40s. If […]

Weight Loss Supplements For Men Weight Loss

Weight loss supplements for men to drop those pounds

Are you looking for weight loss supplements for men? From the crowd of many supplements, we take a deeper look to see which one might be the best option. Due to lifestyle changes, people are facing many weight problems these days. Obesity is undoubtedly among one of the top health diseases leading to an array […]

CBD Oil Key Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

Key Health Benefits of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

CBD Oil is a good remedy for many problems. It is collected from the extracts of cannabis and marijuana. Also, it is also one amongst the 104 chemical compounds present in the plant Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis contains a psychoactive drug which gives the users a “high” relaxed feeling. Although CBD oil is extracted out of […]

How to Prevent Obesity For A Healthy Life

Strategies to Prevent Obesity and Add Healthy Years to Your Life

Educating the present generation about health is important to fight and prevent obesity. Which is spreading quickly across the globe. Obesity is also a large cause of many health hazards. The responsibility lies on every individual to spread awareness. The knowledge for building a healthy lifestyle is indeed necessary. How can you Prevent Obesity? Consider these […]

Best Appetite Suppressant To Control Hunger

Can You Use Coffee as an Appetite Suppressant?

An appetite suppressant can help a great deal in quickly losing weight. There are plenty of weight loss products you can find on the market. Coffee is one such natural product. Aside from being a morning pick me up many people find it to be a powerful appetite suppressant. Although caffeine may promote weight loss, […]

What is a Caffeine Nap and How is it so Effective?

What is a Caffeine Nap and How is it so Effective

You may have already heard of something called caffeine nap but was probably wondering how is it even a thing? Especially since placing coffee and a nap together sounds contrary to most expectations. You may be imagining how caffeine nap could be effective and for how long should you consider to doze off. Turns out this […]

Healthy Sleep Tips To Improve Mental Clarity

Best Foods to Promote Healthy Sleep

When it comes to health, fitness, and general well-being, many people tend to overlook the sheer importance of healthy sleep patterns and just how beneficial a good night’s sleep can actually be on the body. Studies have found that people that sleep for less than seven hours a night, are up to 60% more likely […]

Prescription Drug Abuse: Symptoms and Treatment

Prescription Drug Abuse: The Symptoms and Treatment of Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a serious threat that often is a silent problem until it becomes too late. It is estimated that close to 9 million Americans are currently abusing prescription drugs today and that an estimated 30,000 people will die from prescription drug overdose this year. Prescription drug abuse is intentional use of a prescription drug […]

Fall Asleep Faster With These Super Foods

Foods that Will Help You Fall Asleep Quicker

Foods that will help you fall asleep quicker. If you have ever lied awake for hours on end at night you know that sometimes it can be difficult to fall asleep due to  things like stress, insomnia and more. Of course, there are countless sleeping aids on the market today that proclaim the ability to […]

Tension Relief: How Drinking Tea Can Help With Stress

Tea for Tension Relief

For many people who are exposed to a stressful environment either at the workplace or at home many a time have found comfort and relief in a variety of teas known for their tension relief attributes used for calming the nerves and promoting better health. How Tea Can Help with Tension Relief The mint tea […]

Bad Relationship Habits That Can Harm Your Health

Four Ways Your Relationship can Harm Your Health

They say that your relationship status can help to improve your health from helping to reduce your chances for becoming ill to living a longer life. However, what they don’t say is that just like a relationship can help your health a bad one (or rather parts of a relationship) can do just as much […]

Energy Drinks Dangers Associated with Your Body

Dangers Associated with Drinking Energy Drinks

With everybody constantly on the go in this day and age, it seems that you can’t walk into a store without seeing a whole variety of different so-called “energy drinks”, all marketed at people with hectic lifestyles and hectic workout schedules. Do you know the truth about the energy drink you are drinking? People see […]

Intermittent Fasting: What Are The Benefits?

Does Intermittent Fasting Work

Intermittent fasting as the name suggests involves fasting at intermittent periods of time and gradually incorporating those times into a daily routine and lifestyle. The specified times can either by two to three times each week to three to four hours on a daily basis. Men’s Guide to intermittent fasting Intermittent fasting has and is […]

Vitamin Deficiencies That are Incredibly Good for you

Preventing and Treating Vitamin Deficiencies

Because of fortified breads, cereals, milk products, and the common use of vitamin supplements in the United States, major mineral and vitamin deficiencies are rare. However, they do happen. And even deficiencies that aren’t severe can cause health problems. How to Curb Vitamin Deficiencies for Better Health How Vitamin Deficiencies affect your health Anemia, a […]

Caffeine Is That Morning Rush Good For You After All?

Caffeine: Is That Morning Rush Good For You After All

It’s 6am. You roll out of bed, slap the alarm clock across the room, growl at your dog, and head to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee and that comforting caffeine rush that will help you get your day started. Caffeine is addictive. Think not? Try making it through your day without that […]

Food Additives to Remove from your Diet

5 Food Additives to Remove from your Diet

Food additives, The human race in general, is in a pretty bad way if truth be told. Worldwide obesity levels are now at record breaking highs, obesity is costing governments billions upon billions in health care every single year, and life expectancies are becoming shorter, rather than longer. The unhealthy side of food additives People’s […]

Powdered Caffeine and The Shocking Danger

The Shocking Danger of Powdered Caffeine

Shocking danger of powdered caffeine. If you’re feeling tired in the morning what do you normally do? If you’re like most people you’ll reach for a strong black cup of powdered caffeine coffee, or even perhaps a cold energy drink if coffee isn’t really your thing. The reason why we drink these beverages is because […]

Is Alcohol Good or Bad – To Drink or Not To Drink?

Alcohol – To Drink or Not To Drink

To drink alcohol or not to drink, as health conscious men we like to try and stay up with the latest advice on what keeps us healthy. However when it comes to the subject of alcohol there are some conflicting reports out there. On one hand they say it’s good for your heart and helps […]

Performance Anxiety – When Performance Plummets

Performance Anxiety - When Performance Plummets

If you’ve ever experienced performance anxiety you’re not alone. Millions of men all over the world have had at least one incident of failing to “rise” to the occasion. Do you suffer from performance anxiety? However, when a lack of arousal or lack of erection becomes a recurring incident, there’s one of two possibilities at […]

Athletic Performance Training With Caffeine

Can Caffeine Improve Athletic Performance

When it comes to sport and improve athletic performance, it’s probably pretty safe to say that each and every single one of you wishes to do your absolute best in your respective and chosen sports and events, no matter what they may be. Therefore, getting your diet and training just right should be at the […]

How to fall Asleep as Fast as possible

fitness resolution

Sleep is so important for the human body, both physically and psychologically. When we fall asleep a whole host of processes and functions are carried out. Sleep is the human equivalent of recharging the battery in your phone. We go to sleep every night and recharge our metaphorical batteries for the next day. If you […]

Former NFL All-Pros Diagnosed With Signs of CTE

Former NFL All-Pros Diagnosed With Signs of CTE

Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett is one of three former NFL All-Pros that has been diagnosed with having signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE as it is known, the degenerative brain condition that may have played a role in the death of Junior Seau, who committed suicide last year. Joe DeLamielleure, a […]