Best Exercises for Back Pain

Best Exercises for Back PainOne of the most common and nagging complaints among adults is the dreaded back pains. Often seen as the result from muscle injury, or strain and overuse. Available treatment remedies can allow the average person suffering with this condition to remain active for only a specific period of time as repeated instances and recurring back pains though fairly common is not at all dangerous.

The person affected with a lower back pain injury is often advised to maintain an active routine avoiding specific positions which may prove to increase the intensity and possible duration of the pain. Ice packs and prescribed medications in the form of pain killers are generally a provided option by most physicians. After successfully reliving oneself from the acute back pain, it is normally suggested that some mild to low intensity strengthening exercises for back pain should be introduced into the daily schedule to improve the strength of the legs, stomach areas, and back in the form of some typical stretches. Such exercise activities will not only strengthen the back to prevent further injury but will also reduce pain experienced, improve recovery times, and even lower the possible risk of disability resulting from back injury.

There are several simple and yet effective exercises available, used to strengthen the back without the use of any specialized equipment and can be done in the comfort of your very own home. Aerobic exercises are one such exercise which is used to successfully condition the heart and other muscles, to improve and maintain the body’s natural ability to heal itself thus increasing recovery times and prolonged health. Strengthening exercises are used to focus on specific leg, back and stomach muscles to increase and enhance growth and muscular tone to improve core strength. Stretching exercises have been proven quite a useful form of exercise relative to back injury as muscles and supporting tissues are kept in a flexible position resulting in a lower possibility of suffering injury.

By constantly exercising and remaining active greatly decreases your pack pain and speeds up the recovery process. Exercises designed to strengthen the stomach areas, legs and back muscles are critically important as these targeted muscle areas are solely responsible for supporting the spine thus reducing unnecessary pressure exerted on the spinal discs. Additional exercises such as swimming, and walking improves the heart and cardiovascular functions allowing the body to utilize the oxygen created more effectively to recover from any injury.

Careful study and research has found that persons suffering from back injury have found relief when exposed to a range of particular motions which often include sitting forward, or backward, with the back and hips relaxed. Thus a range of exercises are generally recommended relative to the relief experienced from particular positions. People who have generally found relief from sitting down are urged to do exercises that simulate bending forward including partial sit-ups or knee to chest exercises. People suffering from low back pain are advised to avoid the following exercises:

▪ Straight leg sit-ups
▪ Sit-ups with the legs bent including partial or curl-ups
▪ Raising both legs while lying flat on the back
▪ Heavy weight lifting above the waist
▪ Toe touching while in a standing position

Persons are advised to consult their local physician before taking up any of these exercise routines with extreme care to do exercise routines which do not have a negative impact on the pain experienced respective to the back pain.

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