Electrify Your Love Life with Adult Toys

Electrify Your Love Life with Adult ToysThere’s nothing like a little battery-operated accessorizing with adult toys to add some spark to your love life. And contrary to popular belief, the world of vibrators and electric motion adult toys are not just for self satisfaction anymore. Choices and options have come a long way in the past few years, from life-like replicas to pocket-size ‘eggs’ to remote control to ring-style models made for men. The effect that gets people ‘buzzing’ is simply the uniqueness of the sensation. Vibration, though pleasurable, is nearly impossible to recreate manually, orally or sexually. It delivers touch sensation on a rapid scale, delivering the same pleasure signals to the brain in a faster-than-real-life way that most people find scintillating.

In fact, thanks to the sex novel Triology 50 Shades of Grey the sex toy industry has been booming over the last two years and it's not just the ladies. More and more men who normally would not be interested in sex toys are becoming the benefactors of this boom as their wives are bringing these tantalizing toys in the bedroom. In a poll conducted by retail giant Adam & Eve 78% of women who use sex toys claimed they were in committed relationships and married women were 2 times more likely to use a vibrator, than their single counterparts.

So what kind of toys are couples using? One of the hottest toys on the market is called We-Vibe 4 couples with it's U shape there is an outer stimulator that rests on the women in front on the  pelvic bone with the rest is tucked inside to give both parties and intestine vibe.  Vibrating penis rings, dual massagers, ticklers and whips all rank in the top 10 with prices ranging from around $20 to as much as $150+ for elite models, there’s something for any budget and any type of taste.

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