The Best cardiovascular activity Exercise And The Benefits

Cardiovascular Activity - 10,000 Steps to a Better YouJust can’t walk for up to the 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity a day benchmark? There is another step that you can take to protect your health... well actually a lot of steps. Here are some examples of cardiovascular activity It seems various health and fitness training experts agree that a comprehensive total of exercise for the day can be just as effective as a burst of activity for a short period of time.

Can increasing cardiovascular activity help you live longer?

So the new guideline is to try and reach 10,000 steps in a day. For the average person, that’s a walking distance of 5 miles over the span of an entire day. That adds up to an extra 500 calories burned a day – which is just enough to help you lose a pound a week if you reach 10,000 steps every day (1 pound = 3500 calories).

Get a fitness tracker

You don’t have to become some master math-lete to do the counting either. A simple pedometer can help you to go the distance. Whether you buy a wearable pedometer or use a pedometer feature on your smart phone or ipod, you can let the machine do the counting for you – often with a setting that notifies you when you reach certain quantities – such as 2000 steps (1 mile).

Reward Based Pedometers

Another option is to get one of the newer generation of pedometers with built it rewards – like the S2H pedometer at Every time you reach 10,000 steps you earn rewards points that can be exchanged for goodies and bonuses you can redeem online when ever you feel like.

The bottom line is don’t let anything hold you back From your exercise activity... if you want to get in shape and lead a heather life let today be the the day you take the first step of thousands. And use some examples of cardiovascular activity to get you stepping.

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