Grip Strength Training Exercises for Men

 Grip Strength Grip strength Training programGrip strength Training program might not seem that useful unless you’re trying to build Popeye-esque forearms or develop a crushing handshake. While many might overlook the importance of a strong grip it can help lead to lifting heavier weight and improve muscle gain. However for some professions a strong grip is a necessity.

Top People Who Need Grip Strength Training


As you start pushing your body to its limits in terms of weight and stamina, failure will come at the body’s weakest points. Sure, your biceps may be capable of curling 90+ pounds, but if your hands aren’t strong enough to grip it, you won’t get in any worthwhile reps. Sure, you could hit the machines, but then you lose out on the stabilization exercise that comes with free weights.

Rock Climber:

Beginner or expert, your grip in rock climbing can literally be the difference between life and death (or at least challenging fun and serious injury). Grip strength training can make sure your hands are capable of holding your entire body weight if need be whether for a split second or several moments.

Mixed Martial Artist:

Holds and throws like those in jiu-jitsu and wrestling are infinitely more effective when hand strength comes into play. From thumbs to pinches to full-hand grasping, the better grip you can get on your opponent or yourself (for submission holds and the like) the more successful you can expect to be.

Law Enforcement:

When you are fighting crime you can't be a pushover. Having a strong grip to subdue a suspect or to rescue someone from a dangerous situation it is crucial in the life of a police officer. Whether holding back a riot or disarming a suspect, grip strength training can give them a lifesaving advantage.

Best grip training program anyone can use

  1. Sled Pulls
  2. Pull Ups using a towel or rope
  3. Farmers Walk
  4. Fat Gripz Dumbbell Curl
  5. Barbell Shrug
  6. Reverse Barbell Wrist Curl
  7. Pinch Grip Plate Holds
  8. Rubber Band Hand Extensions
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