Best Over 50 Workout Program for Men

Best Over 50 Workout Program for MenBy the time you reach your 50’s, most men realize they are out of shape and can't workout the way they used to back in their 20’s. Back in the day maybe you were a marathon runner and were 30 pounds lighter, however, now you are dealing with the effects of years gone by. Well if you are ready to hit the gym and get back into shape try this over 50 workout to help you along your way.

Over 50 workout for men to get back in shape

Before starting any workout program at this age, you should, first of all, get a physical exam with your doctor. Men over 50 years may have increased health risks, especially if you are a smoker, overweight or sedentary, or if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels.

What you’ll need

To start this workout program, first, go and get a good pair of sneakers, comfortable gym clothes, and a smartwatch or fitness tracker. A fitness tracker will help you monitor your heart rate, time yourself during jogs or circuit training, and count your overall calorie burn. A gym membership is also a good idea if you don't want to invest in a home gym. If you prefer the home workout get a few pairs of dumbbells and a curl bar with adjustable weights and you will be able to get started with this workout.

The over 50 workout program

To warm up, take a 5-minute jog or, 5 minutes on the treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical. The workout program has been divided into 10 exercises, each set should be between 8-10 reps and 3-4 sets with 30 seconds rest in between lifts.

  • Round 1: Traditional Curls

Curls target the biceps, front, and upper arm muscles. In addition, they work the brachialis and brachioradialis aka, the muscles you use to pick up items throughout the day.

  • Round 2: Dumbbell Bench Press

The bench press is the king of the weight room. It is a key measure of upper body strength working your pectoral major and minor, serratus anterior, delts, triceps.

Best Over 50 Workout Program for Men

  • Round 3: Oblique Side Bends

Oblique side bends are an important exercise that is often overlooked. The key is to use the right amount of weight that won't strain you and to move at an even pace. Building strong obliques provide support to the back and overall posture. Helping to prevent injuries and pain especially associated with the lower back and shoulders.

  • Round 4: Alternating Front Raise

The alternating front raise works your anterior shoulder, improves pressing strength, and strengthens your shoulder stabilizing muscles. Not bad for a little exercise that packs big benefits.

  • Round 5: Upward Barbell Row

The upward row is a very efficient exercise that increases the size and strength of the shoulders, delts, and traps. Good form is important to avoid lower back strain and give you the full benefits of the lift.

  • Round 6: Lateral Side Raise

This is another exercise that offers dual benefits. It obviously builds shoulders, delts, neck, arms, and upper back. In addition to that, it increases shoulder mobility and range of motion. The key to performing this exercise is low weight and high reps. Focus on your form and you will feel sore muscles the next day you haven't felt in years.

  • Round 7: Seated overhead military dumbbell press.

This is another power exercise that has multiple benefits. It will work your shoulders, back, core, and hits multiple muscle groups. The military press also increases burn so pace yourself.

  • Round 8: Corner Bar Row

Corner Bar Row or T-Bar Row as they are often called work the latissimus dorsi, which covers a majority of your mid to lower back muscles. it is an amazing compound exercise that also works your shoulders, biceps and forearms.

  • Round 9: Corner Bar Squat

Corner bar squats a.k.a. Landmine squats are a great compliment to any workout. The set up of the weight in the front leveraged against the wall forces you to have good squat form. It's also great for men over 50 as it is easier on your joints and does not put the pressure on your back like traditional squats.

  • Round 10: Corner Bar Press

Finish with 30 minutes of cardio - walk, jog, bike, or other cardio activity

Initially, these rounds will 8 reps but you can gradually increase them along with the weights. You can also add/ replace exercises just make sure that you replace them with an exercise that has the same motion, like push or pulls. Repeat this workout 3-4 days per week.

Gaining your shape back is no easy feat after 50. But this men over 50 workout program will help you in regaining your health, shape, and self-esteem dramatically.

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