How to Expand your Rib Cage For a Bigger Chest

Is it Possible to Expand your Rib CageThere has been years of a much debated discussion within the bodybuilding community about whether it is possible to expand your rib cage or not. Looking at the rib cage anatomically however the answer is simple as the rib cage and the size of the bones of your rib cage cannot be made wider.

Can you expand your rib cage?

But the intercostal muscles which are the muscles that are between each rib together with a whole lot of connective tissue can be made to grow by getting stronger. It is this controversy that has caused the various arguments to reach a stale-mate.

So when we focus on the neighboring muscles that are used when we expand our rib cage like when breathing deeply then we need to do specific exercises that use these muscles. There are a number of different exercises that one can do for this but the good old pull-over is probably the best.

Pullover Exercise

Pullover exercises work the muscles located in the chest, lats and another muscle group called the serratus anterior which are located on top of the ribs directly under the arm pit. The best technique for pullovers is to lay on a bench with your head all the way to the top. To start the lift you will need to grip a dumbbell by one end and lower it back below your head at a 90 degree angle, then raise it back up to straighten your arms to complete the rep. As you complete the rep you should feel your serratus muscles over your rib cage stretch on the way down and flex on the way up.

Doing this will not expand your rib cage but it certainly will give the impression that you have a bigger rib cage than you actually do. You will be able to develop that Adonis look where you will show that V shape that most women find attractive and this will obviously make it look like your hips are a bit narrower than they actually are.

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