How To Do Sumo Deadlift: Learn The Perfect Form

How To Do Sumo Deadlift: Learn The Perfect Form

Have you heard of sumo deadlift exercise routine? If not, we are here for you. Don’t be intimidated by the name, because it is nothing but a variation of the traditional deadlift mostly adopted by powerlifters. Sumo deadlift gets its name because of the difference which lies in the setup of the lifter’s feet and hands. When the bar is gripped for the deadlift with the lifter’s hands placed within the width of their legs, the form is called “Sumo”. This is preferred by most powerlifters as opposed to conventional deadlift because of a handful of different reasons. We have laid down the benefits below for you to go through. Let us explore why this workout should make it to your daily exercise routine.

Sumo Deadlift Exercise Routine

Increased Pulling Strength

With the deadlift stance, you might have the advantage of increased overall pulling strength and muscle mass. Even though there are a variety of aids that one can use to do the sumo deadlift, the robust capability of doing sumo deadlift with heavy weights can perk up your power, thereby increasing your strength and muscle development.

Decreased Lumbar Stress

The deadlift is undoubtedly not an easy-breezy exercise and comes with a lot of muscle strain. However, with the more vertical torso positioning in sumo deadlift, there is a decreased stress in the lower back area. This helps in avoiding back stress, reducing the risk of potential injury.

Quadriceps and Glute Strength

Because of the foot positioning and hip/knee angles, the sumo deadlift focuses on the glutes and the inner quads, more so than the conventional deadlift. This is especially helpful for the ones who are looking forward to developing glute and quad muscles for aesthetic reasons or otherwise, or someone who is targeting those specific muscle groups to increase strength in a pull.

Mimics Real Life Movements

This deadlift position mimics most of the real-life lifting movements. Most of the real-life movements which require a lift from the ground are done in some modification of the sumo posture. So in a way, it prepares you for real-life experiences, like lifting a car tire out of a tight spot, lifting logs in a camp, moving furniture, etc.

Apart from this, sumo deadlift also is more convenient for those who are shorter in the height department. It is amazing how a little difference in the hand placement can make such a huge difference. It is known to work the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and back muscles, making it a favorite among many. However, before making any changes to your regular exercise routine, make sure you consult with your trainer. Everybody is different and so is the way everybody reacts to a new workout. It is IMPORTANT that you consult with your trainer, so that you avoid unnecessary strain. However, If you have not delved into the arena of sumo deadlift, maybe now is the time!

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