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Lasik Eye Surgery Advantages – Is it Right for You?

Lasik Eye Surgery Advantages - Is it Right for YouLasik eye surgery advantages is it right for you. Lasik eye surgery advantages is just one of the very many surgical procedures that can correct people vision, including astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. It works by reshaping the cornea, which is the clear front part of the human eye, so as to allow the light that is passing through it and onto the retina to be appropriately focused. The retina is located at the back of the eye and is what really ‘sees’ the things that the eyes caught. In a more technical term, Lasik is laser in-situ keratomileusis.

Lasik eye surgery advantages is it right for you

Lasik Eye Surgery Advantages

Because vision is very important for all humans, it needs to be well taken care  of and restored in case impaired through Lasik eye surgery for example. But like anything that involves surgery, there are advantages and disadvantages. The most significant upsides of electing to undergo Lasik eye surgery is the promise of fast and effective vision correction. It is also known to cause not much pain as expected from other types of eye surgeries, basically because there are no stitches required in performing Lasik so no bandages are also necessary during and immediately after the surgery.

Lasik Eye Surgery Disadvantages

Lasik eye surgery has its share of disadvantages, as well. One of the scariest downside is that any changes done on the cornea during the procedure is not reversible. This means that if the doctor incidentally cuts the flap in the wrong way, it cannot be stitched back and thus, the effect on the vision will be forever. Lasik eye surgery is therefore a make or break type of surgical procedure. It can either restore the vision or actually damage the achieved ‘best vision’ of a person. The best vision is the corrected vision achieved by wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

What Could Go Wrong?

For this that it is very important to consider the track record of the doctor who is going to administer the Lasik eye surgery. This is usually the difficult part because there are numerous doctors who can present impeccable resume but there are just too many variables that can still go wrong during the procedure. The most sensible things to ensure though are the exposure or experience of the doctor and the results that each of the procedure.

Lasik Eye Surgery Side Effects

Like anything, undergoing Lasik eye surgery presents a number of side effects. Some of these are seeing halos when looking or focusing on images right after the surgery, say the first 24 hours that can be extended to another 24 hours. There may be some fluctuations on the vision and glare especially at night so it is best to keep from driving immediately after the surgical procedure. Dry eyes may also be experienced. All of these are just temporary and should be treated as good signs. But if the symptoms persist, it is best to consult the attending surgeon.

Lasik Eye Surgery Recommendation

Finally, Lasik eye procedure is definitely recommended for people with impaired vision. If this is what you are going through and you are no longer happy wearing your eyeglasses or feels weird with your contact lenses, electing to undergo the procedure is best. Just make sure that you have selected the best doctor to administer the surgical procedure.

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