Hair Styling Mistakes Men Make Over Time

Mens Hair: Over-Processed. Under-DressedMen's hair over processed under dressed. Every guy wants their hair to look good. Long, short, in between, funky, clean cut, edgy, natural... regardless of style the desire to impress is almost universal. But some of us men just take a wrong turn somewhere or we listen to the wrong hairdresser or other style adviser and without even knowing it, we start looking foolish.

Men's hair over processed under dressed

Coloring your hair

Color is one of the most common places this happens. We think about covering grays and go too far with almost black hair color, or we get convinced we’d look cooler as a blonde, redhead, or even a bold choice like blue or green. We might even accept advice about adding highlights or tips to our locks because it’s in a magazine or that guy on TV did it.

The truth is, stick as close to your natural color as possible. First off, most men are not as dedicated to salon maintenance as many women are. So your roots will most definitely start showing. You’ll end up with bi-color hair. And your eyebrows will be a dead giveaway when they don’t match (and don’t ever accept advice to dye them)

Too Trendy of a Hairstyle

The other place we go wrong is with cut. We say, “I’d look kick-ass with a faux-hawk” or we think Justin Beiber is the unofficial god of hair. Again, the truth here is not as simple. Put the Bieb’s hair on some other guy, and he could end up looking like Donald Trump. Try the rockstar look when you’re in a suit and tie all day and you’ll look out of place. Just like clothes, haircut and style should reflect the real you, not the wannabe you.

Feeling a little lost?

Look at the hairstyles of men you admire for being men... then grab those pictures and take them to your stylist. Ask them how you might achieve a similar overall look without being overly drastic. If you don’t like their advice, get out of his/her chair and find another stylist. This is your everyday appearance after all, it’s okay to choose someone who understands your needs and is capable of delivering on your expectations.

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