Short Hairstyles for All Men Hair Types

Short Hairstyles for All Hair TypesRocking short hairstyles doesn't have to mean boring or military. Check out a few great cuts that apply to the modern man and fit for your hair type.

Top Short Hairstyles for men

1. Artfully Disheveled

This is a good look for men who want a little less rigidity to their look without going over the top. An artfully disheveled hairstyle is easy to manage and can be adapted to any number of situations, allowing it to be sleek and professional for work or wild and full of life for the social scene. The look can require a bit of maintenance because though it may look like they just rolled out of bed looking that good, it can take a few minutes to get the orderly disordered look right. Think: Actor Robert Pattinson

2. Buzz Cut

For men who want basically a “no maintenance” look, the buzz cut is just right up their alley. The really is no maintenance involved in this men’s short hairstyle as there isn’t much hair to actually style. Of course not all men can pull this look off, you have to have the right facial features and the right head shape to make this look good, but if you do you can look stylish and cool without even really trying. Think: Actor Sam Worthington

3. Short Mohawk

For those men who like to have a little edge to their look, these men’s short hairstyles may be the perfect choice. It’s not for everyone and it may not be the right hairstyle for all work environments, but the low maintenance short Mohawk just might be the ticket to giving men a new fresh look that has style and attitude in rolled into one. Think: Actor Elijah Wood

4. Short Textured Haircut

This look is one that can work for both business and casual, giving a look of effortless style without being too edgy or boring. With a few easy swipes of hair product men can style their haircut into a spiky, low maintenance hairstyle that allows them to have a fairly versatile look that can be adapted to several other styles as well. Think: Actor Josh Duhamel

5. Shaggy Layers

For the men who want a hairstyle that drives women wild, this is certainly the one to do it. The men’s short hairstyle can give even the most rugged men a boyish quality with just a few precision cut layers. The look is fairly low maintenance as it works by letting the hair hang loosely around the face. Think: Actor Zac Efron

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