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Casual Shoes That All Men Should Own

casual shoesShopping for shoes can be a challenge for any man. When it comes to casual shoes you want to make sure you wear the right ones for the right occasion. Your shoe choice can send off signals to potential clients, friends, and dates and you want to make sure you are sending all the right ones. So if you are wondering what shoes to wear and what places to wear them to we have help.

Top Men’s Casual Shoes Every Man Should Have in Their Closet

Casual Sneakers

The role of sneakers has changed dramatically over the last decades. There are now so many styles to choose from, like the traditional Pumas and Addidas Rod Lavers low cut sneakers to all leather European varieties that have a dressier feel. Even some running shoes and athletic shoes are permissible with jeans. If you’re going to a restaurant or somewhere during the day we recommend the all-leather type like the ones you can find at Aldo stores. Whichever casual shoes you prefer the main rule is to make sure they are clean and free from rips and tears.

Flip Flops

When it comes to flip flops and other sandals these are best worn at your house, at the beach, or maybe running errands around town. Remember that flip flops get dirty very easily so be sure to clean them every once in a while and if you want a nice pair that can be worn out of the house try a leather or more durable pair from Reef.


We’re not talking about the old-school penny loafers that your grandpa wears. In fact, loafers have a long history dating back to early 20th-century men’s fashion. We like to call them the ultimate slip-on. Today’s modern loafers are made with many different materials from leather, suede, canvas, and even cotton or mesh. You can choose high-end Gucci loafers that can pass for casual and dress or opt for a more casual hemp/ organic cotton version of Toms. The options are virtually endless and there is a good reason they have been around for over a century. So up your casual style game with a pair of loafers.

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