Wearing Wool in Hot Weather for Summer?

Wool clothing in hot weatherWhen you think of summer fashion usually cotton and linen are the two materials that immediately come to mind. Wool for hot weather on the other hand, rarely comes to mind. And yet – when it comes to fine men’s wear like suits and business apparel – the reverse is what’s actually desirable. It all comes down to wool’s amazing insulating properties.

How to wear wool in hot weather

What makes wool so effective at holding in warmth also makes it a great choice for beating the heat. Wool is made of natural fibers that wick away moisture and breathe better than their synthetic counterparts. It has small pores that allow for vapor to pass through the fibers. Allowing it to absorb your body moisture and odor away from the sking while staying dry on the outside. As well, wool can be spun into fibers of different lengths and thicknesses to adapt for cold or heat.

Doesn't Wrinkle and Fire Resistant

Another great benefit of wool clothing is it doesn't wrinkle or get crushed like cotton or polyester blend fabrics. Each wool fiber is like a coiled spring that bounces back to shape after it is bent. So after sitting for a long period of time the back of your shirt won't look like crushed linen. Also, it's fire-resistant and won't melt and stick to your skin when it comes into contact with fire. As soon as the fire source is removed the fabric will not continue to burn.

How does it work for both hot and cold temperature?

For Spring and Summer it gets spun into long, thin fibers that are remarkably smooth and lightweight. And like all other types, summer-weight and tropical-weight wools resist wrinkles and static, maintains color, and keeps their shape wear after wear. Want to make a cool statement next summer? Try looking for inspiration in a fabric traditionally known for its heat like wool in hot weather.

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