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Ways To Get Rid Of Back Acne Guys Should Try

7 Ways Guys Can Tackle Back Acne

You thought you’d faced down your acne, when all of a sudden it stabs you in the back, just in time for pool season. You can’t even get a good look at the enemy, though you can definitely feel those pimples rubbing against your shirt. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here are some ways that guys can get rid back acne for good.

Top 7 Ways Get Rid of Back Acne and Banish Back Zits for Good

Extend Cleaning Coverage

You’ve got acne on your face possibly because you touch it too much. Your back, however, suffers from a lack of attention. Don’t get us wrong. The answer is not doing stretching exercises so that you can scratch between your shoulder blades with those greasy fingers. Make sure that you are reaching back there with a dollop of charcoal body wash rather than a sampling of diner residue. Check that you are getting full coverage. Does the following routine sound familiar? Ok then, ways to get rid of back acne Step 1: Wander into the shower and stand in that warm cascade for about 10 minutes with a dopey expression on your face. Step 2: Make a perfunctory swipe or two at your pits before stepping out. Don’t neglect that body. Maybe inviting in a shower partner will make reaching those inaccessible places less of a chore.

Clean What Cleans You

get rid of back acne clean your loofah

That cheerful looking loofah and that balled-up washcloth in the corner? Yeah, they are little bacteria buses. Since they live in the shower, they stay wet and they can become a popular rendezvous for fungal organisms that can cause skin infections. Commit to regularly washing that washcloth and rotating in replacement loofahs. Or simplify your mildews and don’ts with a more sanitary silicone body scrubber. That way, you achieve a bit of extra scrub and extended reach without adding back in the germs you collected several showers ago that’s one of the best ways to get rid of back acne.

Stay Clean: ways to get rid of back acne

Speaking of returning old germs to the equation, how regularly are you washing the towel you use? You’ve already thrown out that loofah – don’t let the lesson of its passing be in vain. Oh, and let’s take stock of your gym bag as well. Stick with workout gear that wicks the sweat away so your back isn’t steeping in a little bacterial stew for long periods of time. We understand that it’s not practical to shower every time that you get sweaty and you might not be able to hit the showers as soon as you finish pumping iron. But since you can’t pack a shower, maybe acquire the materials for a quick wipedown are some of the ways to get rid of back acne. It doesn’t hurt to take a cleansing pass to the backrest of that exercise equipment while you are at it.

Bacne Is Backpackne

Acne is inflamed by excessive friction, so cut down on anything that is rubbing you the wrong way. Consider looser-fitting clothes and pay attention to what’s using your backpack to hitch a ride. You might ponder some strap adjustment if you want to shed that bacne.

Be Gentle on Your Body: ways to get rid of back acne

ab wheel

You’ve treated your face with care when it comes to cleaning products, but haven’t extended the same courtesy to the rest of your body. It might be breaking out in chest and back acne in protest. Other ways to get rid of back acne Lose the abrasive body washes and the bar of soap you inherited from the previous tenant.

Day and Night

If you’ve been lying around in the sun more than usual, those rays might be disrupting your skin’s natural defenses. Is your sunscreen irritating the skin it is supposed to be protecting? Are those pesky pimples on your back causing you to toss and turn like some messed-up version of Princess and the Pea? Your sheets and pillow case might be due for a laundry cycle. And while you’re at it, make sure that your detergent isn’t causing your body acne issues. At this point, you are practically a professional ingredient reader, so use those detective skills to determine if the fragrance of the detergent might be the guilty party here.

Other Causes for Back Acne

If you are being vigilant about ways to get rid of back acne and keeping your back clean, but you are still experiencing back acne breakouts, there are other potential culprits out there. Hormone therapy, heat rashes and even diet could be responsible. Consult with a dermatologist.

You can’t see your back without a mirror and it’s not the kind of odorific problem area that is on your nose’s radar either. So it makes sense why you weren’t looking over your shoulder for pimples. You might feel ambushed and embarrassed, but back acne is a common affliction. More than half of the population that suffers from acne is fighting a rear guard action against it, and the strategies for treatment and prevention are similar to what you do for your face. So resist the urge to panic or pimple pop. With the right routine, we’ll get rid of acne off your back.

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