Foods to Help you Avoid Stomach Bloat

Foods to Help you Avoid Stomach BloatHave you ever eaten something, let it digest and settle in your stomach, and then half an hour later or so, experienced painful stomach bloats that leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic? If so then you know all too well that it isn’t a nice feeling, and it certainly isn’t something that you want to be experiencing on a regular basis. Not only is stomach bloat uncomfortable and unsightly it can keep you from having that flat stomach that you have been working so hard for at the gym. Stomach bloating is caused by a number of foods we consume, as well as certain allergies and intolerances that some of us may have. If any of the above applies to you however, then fear not, because there are certain foods you can eat, that can help to reduce, or prevent stomach bloat entirely.


For people who suffer from stomach bloat, or certain digestive problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then cooked rice could be absolutely ideal. Numerous studies have revealed over the year, that cooked rice, or rice flour even, can both make very effective substitutes for certain starches such as oats and wheat. The reason for this is that it is completely digested within the small intestine, meaning that there is very little chance of it being able to form gasses inside the actual stomach itself.


Bananas are great for a whole variety of reasons, especially due to the fact that they contain such great doses of the mineral Potassium. Stomach bloat isn’t always simply caused by gas build-ups in the stomach, sometimes high salt (sodium) intake could be to blame. Many processed frozen ready cooked foods are packed full of salt to help enhance the flavor. Not only that, but some people just over salt their food, both during cooking, and whilst cooked too. Salt actually absorbs and attracts water, and causes the body to retain it as a result, causing us to look and feel bloated. Potassium has been proven to help counteract the effects of salt, thus helping to prevent water retention and bloat.


This humble little green vegetable member of the gourd family, is actually a very effective weapon against stomach bloat. If you find yourself suffering from painful and uncomfortable stomach bloat, then cucumber could actually help you to flatten your stomach and relieve bloat in no time at all. The reason for this is because it’s actually a natural diuretic, which means it causes you to excrete more water than you’re taking in. This is due to the low fiber and high water content of these vegetables. In simple terms, if you’re retaining water, cucumbers will make you want to urinate far more frequently, meaning you urinate away any excess water causing you to look and feel bloated.

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